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The cleanest and most realistic looking ENB out there. Features true HDR, costum Weathers, amazing Interiors and much more to be discovered by you!

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Welcome fellow Skyrim Player!
Have you ever wanted a clean, realistic looking Skyrim?
Have you ever wanted to be amazed by Skyrims beauty no matter where you go?
Then you are in the right place!

For Additional Information, updates, my modlist, etc, make sure to follow my Blog.


1.Download Files
2.Download the latest ENB archives
3.Copy/Paste the d3d9.dll and the enbhost from the archive into your Skyrim Main Folder, download the enbhelper and
   Copy/Paste it into your Mainfolder
4.Copy/Paste my files into the same Main Folder, integrate the Data folder into yours
5.Open the enblocal and edit
   to your RAM and VRAM
6.Find your SkyrimPrefs.ini (Should be in Documents/mygames/skyrim)
7.Change/add, so it looks like this: 
8.Disable any Antialiasing/Anistropic Filtering of the game itself or forced upon the game by your graphics drivers
9.If you want my look you'll need the mods I'm using, found on my Blog.
10.This ENB is NOT compatible with CoT! I don't guarantee compatibility for anything not be found on my Modlist! You are 
     free to experiment and tell me about the results!
11.Enjoy! If you dont, a kitty will cry! And if you make a kitty cry, 
this guy will be mad.


Tamu75 - Thanks for the TK ENB, which this ENB is based on.
Reddit - Thanks for giving me a reason to publish this.