About this mod

Fully updated Cinematic ENB presets. Morning Star and First Seed editions.

Permissions and credits

Formerly known as Poupouri - Cinematic ENB

This is a cinematic ENB preset intended for use with ELFX by anamorfus (Core files (that means interiors) only! DO NOT USE THE ENHANCER! DON'T USE IT! IF YOU ASK IF YOU SHOULD USE THE ENHANCER I WILL NOT RESPOND BECAUSE THIS SHOULD ALREADY BE QUITE CLEAR!) and Dark Dungeons For ENB by mindflux. This preset is not compatible with Climates Of Tamriel, RLO, or other lighting mods.

I made this preset to give Skyrim a more realistically grim, moody, and atmospheric feel.
This ENB was originally intended for personal use but since I have yet to release anything, I thought I would contribute to the nexus community.
I hope that you will enjoy the files I have given you as is.
Maybe leave an endorsement ;)


Step 1
Download the 0.251+ binary file HERE and extract/drop the wrapper version d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe into your skyrim folder

Step 2
Download the content found in the files section of this page and extract the contents of the corresponding folder to your steam/steamapps/common/skyrim, overwriting any duplicate files.

Step 3(old versions only!!!!)
Activate the .esp files in either your Skyrim launcher or your Nexus Mod Manager. (No you cannot install this ENB or any other ENB with any mod manager)

Step 4
Set bTreesReceiveShadows to 1, bDrawLandShadows to 1, bShadowsOnGrass to 1, and bFloatPointRenderTarget to 1 in your SkyrimPrefs.ini under [Display].

Step 5
Turn off any anti-aliasing in you skyrim launcher.

Step 6

[size=24] Credits [/size]


For his effect, bloom, and sunsprite base files


For the DOF file


For his Raindrop file


For the palette


For the effect shaders

A HUGE thanks to Tansarville for all the help with the update <3

and of course a big ty to Boris Vorontsov

As far as permissions go I am not allowing a reupload of any kind. So don't ask. You'd be better off asking any of the greats who gave me permission.