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IconicDeath Ported by TheCinderfly

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Upscaled architecture textures ~Ported

Permissions and credits

This is a port of IconicDeath's Project Clarity -Architecture , I've Converted and Optimized the Textures for use with LE.
100% Lore/Vanilla friendly.

For a true Vanilla+ experience
Vanilla Mesh Fixes and Improvements

Enhanced textures detail (UV-tweaks) : Enhances your existing textures without performance loss (THIS IS NOT A RETEXTURE MOD AND IT WILL USE YOUR EXISTING TEXTURES!)

Unofficial Material Fix LE : Lots of Fixes
Assorted Mesh Fixes LE -Updated- : For Vanilla Mesh Fixes
Armor Mesh Fixes : For Vanilla Armor Mesh Fixes
Flowers and Plants Mesh Fixes : Fix Brightness Issues in Vanilla Plants
Glacier LOD Meshes : Greatly Improves Glacier LODS and Mountain LODS
Water in Wash Basins LE - Mesh-only Replacer : Adds Water to Basins
Better Windhelm Ground Meshes : Fixes windhelm ground meshes
Water in Wells LE: mesh-only solution for animated water in wells and sewers
Water Effects Brightness and Reflection Fix : Fixes bright water effects at night and neon green reflections
High Hrothgar Fixed : Adds windows to the outside of High Hrothgar and includes multiple UV and mesh fixes.

3D Mesh Fixes and Improvements

Static Mesh Improvement Mod : Improves the appearance of countless static 3D models in Skyrim.
Static Mesh Improvement Mod Improvement Mod LE : A mod to improve the topology of a few badly poorly subdivided meshes
in the staple Static Mesh Improvement Mod and eliminate jaggedness in
which it does not cover.

SMIMed Series
- SMIM style improvements

FYX Series : Miscellaneous 3D fixes
High Poly Project:Improve meshes with more polys and UV edits.

General Fixes and Improvements

Little Things : Improves many meshes and textures.

Vivid Clouds and Fogs :replace most of the Vanilla And Climates of Tamriel Clouds, Fog
(Mountain fogs), Steams and smoke textures with high resolution- ENB
ready textures, while trying to maintain the look & feel of Vanilla

Obsidian Mountain Fogs :Increases the volumetric mountain clouds providing both depth and mystery to the mountain ranges of Skyrim.

Smoother Skies :Completely new sky mesh to make sky bands smoother.
Wiseman303's Flora Fixes:Fixes bugs relating to harvestable objects in Skyrim, including the Flora Respawn Bug.
Enhanced Vanilla Trees : Better Vanilla Trees
Grass on Steroids : Denser and Performance improving grass
Cathedral - Water : HD water textures in addition to a water-edge bug fix
Water Mod LE : A light-weight water mod. Includes ENB-compatible displacement maps.
Skyrim High Definition LODs : Darker LOD textures for Skyrim High Definition LODs
HD CubeMap Collection : A pack with 44 HD Vanilla Cubemaps
Project Parallax Remastered : Project Parallax adds parallax mapping to many of the exterior
textures of Skyrim. Parallax Mapping is an effect applied to textures in
the game to give the illusion of full 3D depth.

Weather and Lighting

SVWI - Simple Vanilla Weathers Improved
- Lightweight weather mod that aims on improving the vanilla weathers,
fixing mismatching ambient colors of grass, tree LODs and other stuff.

Relighting Skyrim - Fixes the placement and characteristics of lights throughout Skyrim.
Luminosity Lighting Overhaul - The Cathedral Concept - An ultra-lightweight mod that simply recolors and enhances vanilla lighting.

Notes & Permissions

This can be used as is, to either replace architecture textures, or be used as a base to build on.

These are still Bethesda textures, the quality doesn't even come close to
retextures made from scratch. However they are still better than vanilla, and this
mod should serve as an excellent base for building textures off of.

This is also a modders resource, feel free to use these textures for
anything and everything you want. Permissions are open. Credit is
preferable but not required.