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Remade LOD meshes for all glaciers and icebergs in the base game and DLCs.

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sheson for DynDOLOD


Remade LOD meshes for all glaciers and icebergs in the base game and DLCs. The vanilla LOD meshes for these large objects always bothered me. They had horrible UV mapping and weird shapes that made the transition from LOD to full model very noticeable. Even 1K LOD textures that were custom created for the used retexture did not help. I finally decided to rework these meshes from the ground up, based on the full model, while preserving vanilla UVs. This makes it possible to easily use any retexture with them, without having to create various pre-rendered LOD textures for each object.

I did this while keeping performance in mind, so very complex meshes like the ice cave entrance were reduced heavily to be used in LOD. Still, this is supposed to be the best of both worlds, so even with heavy decimation and reduction of details I made sure to not destroy UVs or original shape and outline of the object. Less complex shapes were of course not that heavily decimated.

There is still a tiny difference in the overall visuals of the glaciers, as LOD meshes don't support parallax. This is also my first attempt on creating custom LOD meshes, so if I should have missed anything, please be gentle! The meshes, including the ones from the DLCs, all use a single LOD texture:




These are currently not generated by DynDOLOD, but its possible to let TexGen create them using configuration files. It is simply a downscaled version of the full glacierslab texture, saved without alpha channel. I suggest to use 512x512px for 1080p/1440p.


Using Vortex - overwrite if asked. Using MO2 - put it below other mods containing these meshes (higher priority).

Be sure to report any problems you may find in the comments!