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Using the resources by wSkeever, wash basins found in Skyrim now have lightly-animated water. No ESP. Ported from SSE.

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After seeing Water in Wells by wSkeever, I thought it would be nice to see a similar feature for wash basins
found in many houses in Skyrim. Since wSkeever's mod resources have
lenient permissions, I wanted to give it a shot by using their
mesh\textures on the wash basin mesh, and this is the result.


  • Simple mesh replacer, so no ESP needed
  • Compatible with any retextures of the vanilla mesh
  • Transparent water; it may almost be invisible in some angles, but that's by design
    to make it look like "calm" water without it being 100% static 


  • Install with your preferred mod manager. If you're using Water in Wells by wSkeever, my mod contains some of their textures, so you can let either mod
    overwrite each other (preferably theirs, in case they update them).


  • Not compatible with mods that change the wash basin mesh.
  • Probably not compatible with Interactive Wash Basins. That mod already has their own wash basin model with water in it. No need for my mod in that case.


wSkeever for their mod and lenient permissions
StarShowMaster and rudy102 for the help

Special Credit to : Mur4s4me , the Original Creator of this mod