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A collection of miscellaneous fixes for Vanilla male armor meshes.

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What exactly is this mod?

This is a collection of fixes I made to the meshes of a few of the male armor sets (just the ones that really stuck out to me). These fixes were built using USLEEP meshes as a base, but none of them are actually included in the Unofficial Patches.

SSE Version:

Armors Edited:

Shrouded Armor Set

- Completely reshaped the armor, boots and gloves to something that fits the vanilla male body shape properly. You probably noticed your character gets significantly skinnier when wearing this armor, that's because the entire armor has a very odd shape (probably designed for an early version of the male body and they forgot to update it?). Sleeveless variant is included as well.

- Removed the scarf from the USLEEP mesh, but kept the belt for consistency with the female version
(there's an optional version with the scarf if you prefer it that way).

- Improved weighting on the arms and legs (and the USLEEP belt as well).

Ancient Nord/Draugr Armor Set

- The body mesh used on this armor had a different shape compared to the naked body mesh and no specularity whatsoever (both on vanilla and USLEEP meshes). I removed it completely and replaced it with an edited version of the vanilla naked body mesh.

- As a result of the above, it fixes the visible hole between the body and neck.

- Fixed the weighting on the stripes that connect the chest plate to the pauldrons (they were "disconnecting" when the character turned to look at something).

- Fixed some clipping with the legs and skirt when crouching. Unfortunately the clipping on this armor is quite bad on the leg area, so you're still going to see it when walking and especially when running/sprinting.

- Removed thigh weighting on the boots, which was causing very bad deformation.

Dragonbone Armor Set

- Fixed wrong body mesh used on the armor (same issue as the Ancient Nord Set, no specularity and different shape).

- Fixed clipping all over the armor, mostly with boots, gloves and the rings on the arms, and improved the cases I couldn't fix completely.

- Fixed some bad weighting on the neck area.

- Fixed messed up normals on the USLEEP mesh for the helmet (there were seams all over it), also improved the shape of it a bit so it no longer clips with certain vanilla hairstyles.

Dragonscale Armor Set

- This one had bad weighting all over the place, which resulted in clipping and weird deformation. This is all fixed (check the screenshots to see affected areas).

- Fixed some visible holes on the mesh (the ones you can see on normal gameplay and regular camera angles, that is).

- Added missing partitions to fix clipping with boots and gloves (gloves had to be reshaped a bit as well).

Dawnguard Armor Set

- Fixed clipping on boots and gloves (see screenshots).

Iron Armor Set

- Fixed very visible mesh hole on the back fur that appeared at any weight other than 100. This means I had to redo the weight slider, but at least the shape is more consistent between weight 0 and weight 100 as a result.

- Fixed waist belt clipping with the fur on the back.

- Fixed position of the pauldron belts in the Banded variant (the back connection to the armor was floating instead of being... well, connected).

- Fixed visible holes on the boots (between the feet and leg plate protection).

- Fixed male and female helmets clipping with certain vanilla hairstyles and fixed one of the horns that had a disconnected vertex (also fixed specularity on the male helmet, it looked duller than the rest of the armor).

Orcish Armor Set

- Fixed wrong body mesh used on the armor (same issue as the Ancient Nord Set, no specularity and different shape).

- Fixed gloves clipping with arms.

- (Optional) Fixed environment mapping on all armor items, female and inventory versions included (so it should be more greenish and reflective like the materials it's made from). I used the shield as a base for the values, since it's the only vanilla armor piece that already did have environment mapping enabled.
These are in the optional files in case you prefer the duller vanilla look.

Daedric Armor Set

- Widened the collar a bit to avoid clipping (the Masque of Clavicus Vile will fit in nicely now if you like using it).

- Removed the awful glow on the neck (female version doesn't have it, so I'm not sure why Bethesda included it on the male version when it looks as bad as it does).

- (Optional) Removes the glow completely from all armor items, female versions included (looks better in my opinion, especially on bright ENBs, but it's an optional file since it's not the intended look by Bethesda).

Wolf Armor Set

- Improved the armor shape (the back of the neck and belly area had very odd shapes, it looked awful).

- Completely redid the weight slider (it was poorly done, the belly was even more protruded and the pauldrons barely changed shape).

- Fixed neck clipping/weighting.

- Fixed partitions.

- Fixed helmet clipping with certain vanilla hairstyles.

Ancient Falmer/Snow Elf/Ivory Armor Set

- Covered up holes on the armor.

- Fixed neck weighting.

- Fixed boots clipping with legs.

- Completely redid the weight slider (this one was even worse than the wolf armor, the arms got skinnier but the armor barely changed shape at all, which apart from looking very off also created holes around the neck).

- Changes were applied to Gelebor's unique variant as well.

Vampire Armor Set

- Fixed gloves clipping with sleeves.

(MOD) Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor Set

- With Dreogan's permission, I've applied the Dragonbone/Dragonscale fixes to his popular
Dragonbone Ebonsteel mod (there's also a small texture fix). You can find it in the optional files.

Other Fixes

- Fixed Blades/Hide/Scale helmets, which were clipping with certain vanilla hair styles
(male and female versions included). Patch for aMidianBorn Blades is included in the optional files.

- Fixed the female version of the Moth Priest blindfold (bad weighting was causing it to sink into the face).


Very simple, just use your mod manager of choice to install the 7z file (I recommend Mod Organizer 2 since it doesn't install stuff to the data folder). This mod includes only mesh files, but make sure there aren't meshes from other mods overwriting them.


Should be compatible with most retextures, since most of them don't edit meshes. FrankFamily's retextures are compatible, I didn't edit any of the meshes he did.

Q/A Section

What about female armors?

There are a few female head gear included, but similar fixes for the armors were done in my other mod: Vanilla Outfits BodySlided

Mesh fixes for armor mods?

I did make fixes for Improved Closefaced Helmets, but navida1 didn't reply to my permission request to upload them (they didn't even read the PM). If anyone knows a better way to contact them for permission, let me know.

Can you fix X armor as well?

Not likely. This is very boring work, the only reason I worked on these is because they reeeeally bothered me. Maybe if I notice something on an armor set I like that is bad enough to break immersion.

I consider this mod complete otherwise.