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This mod allows you to configure the maximum amount of hours you can rest or wait. Also comes with a simple version to just rest 744 hours, or 31 days.

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Sleep Menu Extender by Kyoma

A tiny mod that lets you configure the maximum amount of hours you can sleep/wait at a time. To change it open the console and type "set SleepMenuMaxHours to X", where X is the maximum you want. There is no real limit but values over 999 cause the text to be slightly clipped. If you have a legitimate reason for doing so then there is something very very wrong with you....

For those that are just interested in 31 days of non-stop resting there is a "Simple" version which consists of just a modified menu that sets the max to 744, or 31 days.

Extract the archive to your "SkyrimData" folder
- The normal version only contains an esp and a bsa (for the script files)
- The simple version only contains a modified menu file.

For the normal version remove the esp & bsa

For the simple version you can just remove "DataInterfaceSleepWaitMenu.swf".

You may do whatever with the mod since it's just a tiny change and a tiny script.

The SKSE team for their wonderful work on expanding the modding possibilities.
The SkyUI team for decoding & decompiling the interface files, without it this mod wouldn't be possible.