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Gain levels by completing quests and exploring. Skills don't contribute to character's level anymore!

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Ever worried about accidentally advancing the wrong skill that contributed to your level? You don't have to anymore. Now you can gain levels by completing quests and exploring. Skills don't give experience but they are capped relatively to player's level for balancing reasons (see skill caps section below). Feel free to train Lockpicking without actually gimping yourself!

Heavily inspired by Pillars of Eternity leveling and pre 4.0.1 World of Warcraft weapon skill progression system.


  • Full integration with original experience system and experience bar
  • You gain Skyrim's native experience points (there is no secondary XP system)
  • No esp file, no scripts, no impact on performance
  • Compatible with custom quests and locations
  • Compatible with HUD replacers
  • Highly customizable (advanced users only)
  • Optional "XP from kills" feature


The mod uses vanilla leveling formula (XP required for each level is same as in original system).

Leveling curve can be adjusted by modyfing fXPLevelUpBase and fXPLevelUpMult original game settings. Other mods editing these settings are compatible and somewhat recommended for experimenting with different values.

XP Sources


Main Quests - 150 XP
College Quests - 100 XP
Thieves Quests - 100 XP
Brotherhood Quests - 100 XP
Companions Quests - 100 XP
Daedric Quests - 150 XP
Side Quests - 75 XP
CivilWar Quests - 150 XP
Dawnguard Quests - 75 XP
Dragonborn Quests - 150 XP
None Quests - 75 XP
Misc Objectives - 0 XP


Military Fort - 15 XP
Nordic Ruin - 15 XP
Dwemer Ruin - 20 XP
Shipwreck - 20 XP
Dragon Lair - 30 XP
Doomstone - 20 XP
Imperial Tower - 15 XP
Orc Stronghold - 15 XP
Giant Camp - 20 XP
Nordic Tower - 20 XP
Nordic Dwelling - 20 XP
Daedric Shirne - 30 XP
Other - 10 XP


Military Fort - 60
Nordic Ruin - 100
Dwemer Ruin - 100
Dragon Lair - 100
Imperial Tower - 50
Giant Camp - 60
Nordic Tower - 50
Other - 30

Killing (optional):

XP from kills feature is disabled by default and can be enabled in INI file.

Racial XP rewards can be changed by editing CSV file located in: \SKSE\Plugins\Experience\Races
Custom races are not supported by default and require compatibility patches
Unlimited number of compatibility patches (files) can be loaded at once.

Final XP reward is calculated from racial XP and multipliers:

Level multiplier gives penalty or bonus based on level difference:

Group multiplier cuts final reward based on number of followers:

Skill Caps

Skills are trained like in vanilla game, but they are now capped relatively to player's level for balancing reasons.

All skills cap at 18 by default, the cap increases by 2 per character level, ex; Level 1 = 18 + 2, Level 5 = 18 + 10, etc.

Racial skill bonuses are added on top of base cap for each skill individually. For example the Nord race has +10 two-handed bonus, so the skill cap for two-handed at level 1 would be 30 instead of the default 20. Racial skill cap bonuses are optional and can be disabled in config file.

Default base cap values for level ranges are listed below (values in between are scaled dynamically):
| Player | 01-05 | 06-10 | 11-15 | 16-20 | 21-25 | 26-30 | 31-35 | 36-40 |
| Skills |  >20  |  >30  |  >40  |  >50  |  >60  |  >70  |  >80  |  >90  |


Compatible with custom quests and discoverable/clearable locations.
Compatible with gameplay and perk overhauls.


Q: I'm still getting XP from skills, this mod doesn't work!
A: It requires SKSE, please make sure you have the correct version installed.

Q: Do I need to start a new game?
A: It won't break anything if it's installed mid-game, but you will miss XP from all quests that you have already completed.
Q: Do I need to clean save when updating?
A: Nope, it's SKSE plugin so it can be disabled, enabled and updated in middle of playthrough without breaking your save.
Q: Why are "Miscellaneous" quests disabled by default?
A: They still need more testing. Post your feedback in comments.
Q: When I start a new game using Alternate start live another life, I am immediately given experience points to get to level 3.
A: I suggest disabling this mod at start when playing with "Alternate start" mod, then enabling it after initial spam is done.