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A project to replace Skyrim's UI sounds with paper sounds, to work with paper interface retextures and maps.

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(All links below are for SE Nexus, but most of them should have LE versions too!)

A big thank you to everyone who has supported this mod on the nexus, I published this mod as a patchy work-in-progress and everyone's helped it become a fully fleshed out mod! I appreciate everyone's help! Please keep suggesting more improvements :D

I was inspired to do this by the amazing paper-themed mods on the Nexus, such as Dear DiaryPaper World MapOblivionesque IconsOblivion-like Loading Screens and others, and just wanted that final touch! I especially wanted opening the map to sound like opening a map, rather than the whooshing and the clunk-clunk sounds of the vanilla one. I found Immersive Map Sounds, but there were problems with it that I've also encountered myself - but hopefully now we paper-lovers have a fix!

I also found A New Chapter, UI Sound Replacer which was a good start, but didn't cover many sounds, so I thought I'd add some of my own!

As of now, you can choose to replace some, all or none of the following:
  • start new game
  • inventory/fave menu open/close sounds
  • menu focus sound (sound made when hovering over items and clicking between menus)
  • sounds for activating/deactivating quests
  • location discovery sounds
  • quest updates
  • menu ok/cancel
  • journal open/close
  • sneak attack sound
  • level up
  • skill increase
  • objective update sounds (from A New Chapter, UI Sound Replacer by Nowimex)
  • map marker rollover sounds (version without map fix by Shamplo)
  • menu activation sounds/ favourite group switch (scribbling sounds by Shamplo)
  • map opening paper rustle (with uranreactor's map.swf) 
with Dear Diary v2.2.4 onwards
  • map opening paper rustle 
  • journal tab switching sounds (requires my ESP from the SE version, if someone wants to port it back and let me know! Very small esp.)
  • menu category switching sounds (same as above)

Track for progress!


Has pretty much the same sounds as 5.0. 


  • Install with a mod manager and choose between various sound replacers, or extract and install what you want manually.
  • Enjoy! Don't forget to leave feedback if anything doesn't sound quite right (or if something sounds very right and you want more like that)


Q: Location discovery sounds are so quiet/loud. What's up with that?
A: Unlike the other UI sounds, location discovery sounds are tied to your music setting. If your music volume is low in your settings, then the location discovery will be low, and vice versa.

Q: Pencil scribble when unequipping spells?
A: Aye, Bethesda's fault. The unequipping magic sound is the same as quest deactivation it seems. My SE script fixes this, so if anyone wants to copy edits over in TES5Edit (very small script, would be easy to do) let me know and I'll update this mod to match the SE version!

Q: Safe to install mid-playthrough?
A: Yes, this is just a simple replacer. You can install/uninstall it no problems! :)

Q: Is the map fix compatible with mods that change map markers?
A: This will work fine with mods that add more map markers (e.g Atlas) and is useable with any mod that changes map marker style and colour, but not size. I recommend to use it with Paper Map SSE.
If you want smaller map markers, follow uranreactor's advice here:
If using my map.swf file with Dear Diary mod, you can set the map markers size via config file. It's located in
You need to set fMapMarkerSize to 25 for approx 75% of original size.
If using only map.swf file from this mod without Dear Diary, you still can create new file interface\deardiary\config.txt with one line
fMapMarkerSize = 25
and it should work as well.

Please leave suggestions for improvements and for more sounds to cover in the comments, and view my sticky to see what sounds I need ideas for! Thank you for your help!


Sounds used:
  • paper rustling and page turning sounds from Fesliyan Studios (thank ye kindly) which have worked for most of the sounds in this mod!
  • Other royalty-free paper rustling sounds for menu ok/cancel, sword drawing sound and pencil writing sounds.
  • Pencil scribbling for quest activating/deactivating. Imo this works pretty well, like the character is writing in an actual journal. 
  • Pencil tapping, pen tapping, finger tapping for the focus sounds.
  • My own pencil scribbling sounds for location discovery.
  • Scribbling sounds from Nowimex's A New Chapter - UI Sound Replacer, to replace the objective update sounds. If you like any other sounds added by the mod, please go check it out!
  • Menu button sounds, map rollover echo and alternate journal sounds provided by Shamplo. If you want more sounds like those, you can check out his new mod Jotted Down which has the same aim as this mod, but has paper sounds in a different style. Try it out!
  • uranreactor, creator of the Dear Diary mod, has been kind enough to develop my map-sound crisis into something that works! It replaces the map.swf interface file, allowing paper sounds to be played when opening the map.

  • Thank you to uranreactor, Nowimex, and Shamplo for providing files present in this installer! 
  • Additional thank you to uranreactor for helping me a lot with the scripting part, and providing all the swf files in the mod, as well as his expertise!
  • Thank you to Fesliyan Studios for their high-quality paper sound effects! 
  • Thank you to the Nexus community for supporting me and my mod and giving great suggestions in the comments! :D I couldn't have done this without all of your help and ideas, so thanks again, and keep being supportive and making the modding community a pleasant place to be in!

A few mods seen in the showcases:

  • Amon ENB Reborn
  • Dear Diary
  • Sovngarde Font Replacer
  • Paper World Map SSE
  • Oblivionesque Icons
  • Enhanced Vanilla Trees 
  • Enhanced Landscapes
  • Obsidian Weathers
  • Enhanced Lights and FX

Check the video description for my whole modlist :)