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A personalised version of Paper HUD, including remade higher-res images and some tweaks. Designed to compliment book UI mods such as Dear Diary. Looking for feedback to see how it works for LE

Permissions and credits
Description copied from SSE version. I don't have LE installed, so I'm putting this up expecting it to work but looking for any feedback if you encounter issues, which I'll try to address.


Paper HUD was a mod made to compliment paper/book UI mods such as Dear Diary by retexturing the HUD in a similar style, offering several options in layout and design. This is a version based on my personal preferences with improved image quality, separating A Matter of Time (so you can use the original textured astrolabe again).

Installation and Requirements

Because this is based on my own personal use, only a SkyHUD version exists and therefore the only requirement is:
1. Install SkyHUD main file
1a. install A Matter of Time, if using the in-game time version of the file.
and then simply
2. install Paper HUD, overwriting the SkyHUD files
2a. If using the in-game time version, in the MCM for A Matter Of Time you will need to load the user preset to have the clock positioned correctly.

Recommended mods


Fhaarkas, author of SkyHUD - for also kindly granting me permission of use their mod as a base
DanielCoffey, Book Covers Skyrim - from where the texture for the book widget was used, from the Book Of The Dragonborn.