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Displays death notifications on the top center of the screen when the player or an NPC gets killed.

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MenuQue -

This mod displays text notifications on the top center of the screen when the player or an NPC dies. The notification will display who killed who along with the weapon that was used, if any. Due to scripting limitations, only martial weapons are displayed if the death was caused by such object, and death by magic or hand to hand will show a skull icon. Included in the download is an optional INI that will allow you to change the sound that is played when the notification is shown.

You'll notice that notifications will fire when you're not any where near a death event, most notably in exterior spaces. This is because even though you're not near the event, the death that occurred is still in a rendered space from the player. This is normal and it's the way the event handler functions.

Extract the contents of the zip file into your data directory or use your mod manager of choice, and then activate the plugin.

This mod is compatible with everything as long as no other element is in the same position as the text. If you're using Northern UI, the notification will be aligned to the left side of the screen without the texture frame.

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