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Changes the human-like Dunmer ears of Oblivion into the Morrowind style ears.

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In my little experiments with other 3D model formats, I've now created a mod which I think greatly improves the vanilla dunmer ears into something unique. Since a few friends of mine agreed the races of cyrodiil must have interbred with imperials for the last hundred years to all look so similar, I've made this as an attempt to create just a little more diversity to the Dunmer.

Of course they're still missing that excellent Dunmer voice of Morrowind, but we can't have everything, I suppose.

Like that other dunmer ear mod, this will also affect dremora. I tried to fix this so it used a different ear mesh than earsdarkelf.nif (dremora still used that), but it made the game and editor crash immediately upon loading a dark elf. So blame bethesda for their buggy engine.

Anyways, This comes in both omod and zip format.