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Inspired by an in-game mechanic from "Kingdom Come: Deliverance", this mod completely disables vanilla saving and introduces a new and immersive way to save your game.

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Saving your game

Inspired by an in-game mechanic from "Kingdom Come: Deliverance", this mod completely does away with vanilla saving and introduces a new and immersive (and hardcore) way to save your game. Menu saves, quick saves, and auto saves have all been disabled. Now, you must drink Saviour Schnapps in order to save your game. In addition to this, I've also implemented a static approach; If by chance you run out of Saviour Schnapps or are simply just trying to conserve the amount on your person, you can always save your game at any chapel (traditional or non-traditional) or at any daedric shrine by sitting on a pew or bench next to the altar or shrine.

Obtaining Saviour Schnapps

In each of the eight traditional chapels (including the Sacellum Arden-Sul) and at each daedric shrine, there is a new merchant that will sell Saviour Schnapps along with the ingredients required to make them. The merchants can easily be spotted, as they are dressed in white robes and can be found wandering about or sitting on a pew reading a book. Saviour Schnapps and its ingredients can also occasionally be found on NPCs. Creatures will have a chance to carry ingredients on them, but not Saviour Schnapps. This injection is done dynamically through a script without touching the leveled lists, thereby ensuring full compatibility with any mod that adds to or alters the leveled lists.

Brewing Saviour Schnapps

In addition to buying or finding Saviour Schnapps, you can also make them. In each major city, you will find an alchemy hut located near the chapels. Inside each of these huts there is an alchemy station which you will use to brew your own schnapps, along with cloud storage containers for you to store your ingredients. Similar to alchemy in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the brewing process is a mini-game. You must adhere to the recipe book on the lectern in order to brew a perfect batch and receive the greatest yield. If you make too many mistakes, the brew will fail and all of your ingredients will be lost.

To start brewing, you must have the required amount of ingredients as stated in the recipe book. Afterwards, you can activate the book to begin. At this point, navigating through the process is just a matter of combining two objects on the station. For instance, the first step requires you to pour the wine into the cauldron. To do this, you would activate the wine and then activate the cauldron to complete that step. If you feel that you've made a few mistakes, you can always reset or cancel the brew by activating the recipe book while the brew is active.

Other Details
  • This mod will keep up to five save slots. Once you reach a total of five saves, the mod will overwrite from the first save. The maximum amount of saves can be configured with the included ini.
  • If starting a new game, the player will start off with 5 Saviour Schnapps.
  • Scripted auto saves are still enabled. This allows the game to save during important in-game events.
  • The merchants are programmed to correlate nicely with the events that take place during the Knights of the Nine & Shivering Isles questline. However, when a chapel is desecrated, you won't be able to save at that chapel, and the merchant that's assigned to that chapel will be dead just like the other NPCs until the remainder of the questline.

Extract the contents of the zip file into your data directory or use your mod manager of choice, and then activate the plugin.

  • mhahn123 for the lovely Tiny Little House mesh that I used for the alchemy huts.
  • meo3000 for his awesome Open Books resource that I used to create the recipe book, and his Winecellar resource that I used for the wine cloud storage.

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