About this mod

A full overhaul of the Shivering Isles in OOO style. (Does NOT require OOO to work.)

Permissions and credits
OOO Shivering Isles
by Kobal, Zamir, and others

You may know that OOO always has been incomplete: The SI expansion has never been included and no other comparable overhaul of it exists. This mod aims to become just that, and compliment OOO as well as possible.
That means the Isles have now proper expansion character. You better get out of your apprenticeship before you attempt to set a foot there, and to actually finish the main questline, that is probably not enough. Come well prepared and bring enough survivability to deal with the forces of madness.

The mod changes just about everything in the Isles, so I won't mention every single detail, but see below for the list of the most notable changes.

Requires Oblivion Script Extender. Does NOT require OOO.

* Completely remade balance and leveling system of items, creatures and NPCs.

* Greatly increased encounter variance with new creatures who may also fight each other. Stronger enemies may spawn at lower level, and vice versa.

* Many new items, including random and hand placed uniques.

* Amber and Madness sets were expanded and fixed; mostly for weaponry, which is now complete and doesn't lack any weapon type found in the sets from vanilla Oblivion. The weaponry of Golden Saints and Dark Seducers was expanded too.

* All amber and madness weapons, magical or not, will do 30% extra damage vs ordered enemies, but they get healed by their own weapons.

* All clothing and armors that were present in vanilla SI but weren't available can be now obtained as you make your progress through SI's main questline. You can find them in Sheogorath's Palace, among other trophies from your journey.

* You can now turn Vitharn Keep into your personal estate, and get your own smith in there to forge weapons and armor from Obelisk Shards, found on e.g. bodies of the Knights of Order.

* All areas that were inaccessible during the main quest will become available and free to explore once you complete it. This includes also Pinnacle Rock and Brellach (the strongholds of Aureal and Mazken).

* After completing the main quest, you will be able to summon portals to take you from and into Shivering Isles (based on Wrye Shivering).

* Rank specific equipment for Zealots and Heretics.

* Aureals and Mazkens have a much better appearance now (no more ugly faces) and their disposition towards you will be updating properly as you make your progress through SI's main questline.

* Since Shivering Isles features a Knight of the Thorn with a unique shield, a unique model was given to that faction's shield and armor. This is one of the very few changes made to non-SI content.

* The other non-SI change is that the Whom Gods Annoy quest was given an alternate solution for if you talk to Rosentia Gallenus after having already completed the SI questline.

* Your luck affects your chance to find crafting ingredients.

* Various quests were tweaked to be less annoying. For example, Taxonomy of Obsession now provides you with information on which ingredients you're missing. Also, the Hill of Suicides quest is now marked; talk to Erver Devani in Deepwallow to start it.

* Removed automatic popup of the quest.

* Weapons have OMOBS stats.


The mod does not technically require OOO, it is just designed in a similar way. Only OBSE is required.


Incompatibilities with other mods that change original SI content are very likely. That includes other FCOM parts. Best stick to OOO and possibly my add-ons and/or Maskar's, and maybe some house/graphic mods.

SI part of Supreme Magicka can be left out, it conflicts somewhat and does nothing substantial otherwise.

Really Textured Normal Maps has some incompatible files (currently known: golden saint helmet).

Niben Bay Camp is incompatible since OOOSI already comes with its own camp on the island.

The mod changes the SI races, thus if you run the game in another language, characters of these races will be mute, unless you edit the mod yourself and change the name of the races back to your own language.

Load order

To avoid conflicts, make sure the mod is loaded after:

- Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul
- SM plugin refurbish
- Weapon Expansion Pack for Oblivion Nthusiasts
- Harvest Flora
- Shivering Isles Root System
- SB Weapon Drop Fix
- Oblivion Content Restoration Project
- My other add-ons

 First and foremost, DO NOT REMOVE THE MOD'S FILES YET. This mod messes a bit with some objects from vanilla SI, so before you can remove the files, you must do something in-game in order to prevent odd errors from occurring.

1. Load your save.

2. If you're standing in Xedilian, Brellach, Pinnacle Rock or Vitharn, go somewhere else. If you wish to be certain about standing someplace safe, it's best to go to Cyrodiil.

3. Once you're away from those places, type in the console "setstage OOOSEUninstall 1". Wait for a few seconds and do what the pop-up message tells you to do.

4. Once you've done it, wait until a confirmation message appears, and then save the game.

5. Now you can safely remove the mod's files.

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