About this mod

Some mods I made for OOO users who do not want to go FCOM.

Permissions and credits
Note: this mod is now also available in an all in one package together with my equipment add-on

I picked OOO as my overhaul and was mostly content with it. FCOM seemed too extensive to me and and was also claimed to be instable with the other mods I am running, but I still thought OOOs creature selection could use an update so I made some addons that are specifically tailored for OOO to add more creatures and also overhaul the existing creatures and leveling system in some parts I was not satisfied with. Scaling in leveled dungeons will be more smooth rather than early enemies being pushovers that hardly allow for gaining any experience. There are also some creatures that can give you good fights on higher levels and many have new weapons as well.
The mod comes in 3 parts - Living creatures, undead and daedra.
The first part deals with wilderness and all living creatures in general.
I thought the wilderness was full enough of predators, so many animals added there are not very aggressive unless you provoke them. You may sometimes come across more than just one creature at once and at higher levels occassionally a bigger group of predators may cross your way to keep you on guard. Overall the number of enemies is not significantly increased but fights between different factions can still occur a bit more commonly outside.
I added some additional spawns to areas like Blackwood Forest that were very sparsely populated.
New wilderness creatures:-Fox and rabbit - replace some of the abundant wolfs in the wilderness
-snow deer, snow rabbit and frost troll - Bruma mountains
-Bubbulture - bird found in Blackwood forest
-Snake - Blackwood Forest and other random places
-Scorpion - can be found at the anvil coast
-Tiger - the new pet of Amazons
-a new Goblin type
-hill giant - rare creature found in mountain and hill areas, very powerful but will leave you alone unless you get too close
-water creatures - lamia, dreugh - found in water areas OOO classifies as dangerous

New mythic animals:-scare wolf (weaker version of the shadow wolf)
-giant scorpion (boss)

Trolls are now more powerful(one grade below oger) and appear later. Scare wolfs take up their old place. Snakes and scorpions have a long lasting poison, better do not sell your cure poison potions any longer, they might save your life.
Part 2 is an undead addon. Regular undead were the only enemies in OOO where you could not meet stronger versions at lower levels which was rather boring. Thus I reworked their whole leveling system from the ground up. You won't be able to tell anymore what awaits you in an undead dungeon. Dungeons that always have high level undead are usually far off, but I recommend you recheck OOOs notice boards, especially in the Imperial City if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises. Some dungeons mentioned there that were previously not really dangerous might now be.

features:-the mystic skeleton brigade, the pictures show their leaders who may sometimes carry armor that is still useable
-zombies of different races, the cruel orc zombie is stronger than the dread zombie
-female lichs
-wraith lord
-undead knight
-new rats
-various bosses/quest related undead from both vanilla and OOO have a special look
The variety of daedra was decent already and I couldn't find new ones openly available that were more than a rehash, so the third part is mainly a rebalance mod because OOO did not make Oblivion gates quite the challenge I expected from a daedric invasion. The Kvatch battle had a slightly upped minimum difficulty and there were a couple strong bosses you met along the main quest, but overall enemies were still scaled to you very conviniently, closing a gate was not a big deal at all and the loot was crap. The following changes will make only a true hero able to overcome the Oblivion crisis:
-universal minimum difficulty of all daedra encounters and the later stages of the mainquest in particular - Kvatch is not much different from before but from then on it getsmore fierce
-upped the power of daedra using a mix of adjusted leveling system, numbers and making some of them individually more powerful - gates are now always a league above the average leveled dungeon
-the sigil stone is better shielded - just running through will not work out
-Dremora Valkynaz are rarer and will not always wear full daedric to not make it massware, but they have a chance to carry enchanted pieces now.
-added some high end bosses, one of which may carry exclusive daedric lord armor in morrowind style
-releveled sigil stones and adjusted loot to the level of challenge you are facing - some OOO equipment that is otherwise rare can be found
-buffed some of your MQ allies additionally so they are not chanceless because your own level is low
-enhanced the end boss Mankar Camoran with superior abilities and AI
-a certain easter egg has become more special
installation: Copy the content of each folder into your data folder or use Wrye Bash and select the parts you want.

Load order/compatibility: Load after OOO of course. It is not designed for use with FCOM or other creature mods, do so at your own risk.