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This mod unlevels quest rewards in a different way than other mods typically do. You don't always get the strongest version, instead it depends on how substantial the quest is.

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Just like many I disliked that quest reward items are useless if you get them early, but I find having them automatically update to your level equally strange. Other mods that make them unleveled typically always grant you the strongest version which I find not ideal either. I don't want to receive some highend sword for doing an easy goblin killing quest at level 3. With this esp quest rewards are unleveled, but which version you get depends on the circumstances of the quest and the amount of work involved. Though you can count on never getting the crappiest version;). If the difficulty of the quests matches the reward depends on your other mods, I balanced it with OOO in mind and with other overhauls that are equally or more static it should work well either. For a few sidequests that are typically not touched by overhauls but I thought should have a higher status I releveled some creatures myself to make the challenge more up to the reward. 
For Finger of the mountain and Wizards Fury you get both the highest and the second highest version.
Shivering Ilses is considered higher across the board than Cyrodiil.
Only Sigil Stones are still leveled, just differently adjusted.

The filter patch for DLCs requires Wrye Bash and should not be activated, just imported into the Bashed Patch.