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Gives Gaius Prentus the basic necessities of life to make his guard posting a little more bearable. Also moves S'fara to Bawnwatch Camp or a prison cell in Bravil when the player enters the Gates of Madness. NB - this mod must be activated BEFORE you enter the Strange Door for the first time. Doing so later can cause glitches.

Permissions and credits
NIBEN BAY CAMP – A mod by zymurgy65
I've always felt rather sorry for Gaius Prentus. The poor guy is marooned on a tiny island in Niben Bay 24/7 with no supplies and only a crazy Khajiit for company. Makes you wonder what he did to get Viera Lerus so ticked off...

This little mod gives Gaius his own camp complete with tent, bedroll, stool, fire, food, beer and a little light reading. He's now classed as a Guard and belongs to the relevant factions, so don't steal his stuff! New AI packages ensure Gaius will eat and sleep normally once the player enters the Gates of Madness – many thanks to Striker879 for the info on how to give new AI packages priority.

At the same time, S'fara will swim to Bawnwatch Camp – no hardship for an unencumbered scout. Once there she'll light the camp fire and live on mud crab gumbo for the duration. In the unlikely event of her death the fire will go out. An alternative .esp file is included in a separate folder for those who'd rather have her imprisoned in Bravil's dungeon. Wherever she ends up, S'fara will now be able to use her bedroll.

This mod must be activated before you speak to Haskill for the first time, otherwise Gaius won't sheathe his sword, his new AI packages won't kick in, and S'fara will be stuck on the island forever.

Shivering Isles, obviously. USIP changes to Quest SE02 are included in this mod.

Users of “Populated Prisons” will need to delete one of its levelled prisoner references (010011E5) from Bravil's castle dungeon to ensure S'fara doesn't end up sharing a prison cell when using the alternative .esp file.

And Finally...
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