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A patch that fixes some bugs in Oblivions best archery mod and makes it work better with OOO and various other mods.

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This patch fixes various issues/incompatiblities with Duke Patricks Combat Archery which is currently no longer supported by the author.
You need the original mod which can be found here .

-greatly increased health of bows because I found it too low in general and to fix an occasional bug where the bows current health was multiple times higher than its base health causing it to do extreme damage
-wraiths do no longer block arrows because the script caused them to get stuck when the block failed
-undead and willowisps are no longer headshotable because it made little sense to me that they are especially vulnerable there, or do not even have a head
-enemies will only sprint at you if you actually have your bow drawn, so they don't chase you indefinitely at increased speed if you try to flee from them with the bow on your back
-halved the sprint bonus for creatures because they use a different movement speed formula than NPCs
-fixed a bug that sometimes caused the enemies sprint speed bonus to be subtracted twice when the sprint ended
-added a new condition to stop the sprint to fix a common mod conflict that made enemies run into the player indefinitely without attacking - I cannot guarantee this works for all mods that might cause this issue, but it works for all that I use. You can only try if it helps you and possibly sort out mods that still cause it.