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Tweaks and fixes that I made for the mod Auto Update Leveled Items And Spells.

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Tweaks and fixes that I made for the mod Auto Update Leveled Items And Spells:

So I found a ring that increases all my magic school skills by 10, and it caused this mod to upgrade some of my spells. Now the game won't let me cast the spell because it says my skill is too low (requires 50 and my base is 41 plus 10 more from the ring for a total of 51). I guess I need to ditch the ring, because it will probably just push the spells out of my reach again as long as I keep using the ring?

UPDATE: The problem appears to be that the script AULIASIsSpellCastable is calling player.GetAVC to get the player's magic skill levels, but it should be calling player.GetBaseAV2C instead to get the *unmodified* values. GetAVC is really bad, because it includes both constant and temporary fortify/drain effects; apparently some scripts incorrectly use GetBaseAVC, which still includes constant fortify effects, but this is even worse.

  • Removes the annoying Unofficial Oblivion Patch warning box on each load, for those users not using the UOP.

  • Added an optional file that replaces the AULIAS levelup sound with a silent .wav file instead.

  • Adds AULIAS levelup support for the Amber and Madness equipment in Shivering Isles. This includes support for the Amber and Madness equipment added in by the mod Weapon Expansion Pack for Oblivion Nthusiasts (though this mod is not required). Use version 1.1 of my mod in optional files if you don't want this change.

Requires Auto Update Leveled Items And Spells (and also OBSE as a result). This mod is mergeable into the bashed patch in Wrye Bash.