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Annoyed by the constant official plugin pop ups at the start of a new game?

Wished that the official plugins would start in more appropriate fashions?

These esps will stop the official plugins from starting automatically and start more naturally.

Permissions and credits
## Lite Version
Many years later I was not happy with my own mod so have refreshed the experience.
Now requires all DLC's and includes latest unofficial patch updates where cross changes existed.
Additionally lots of other bugs have been fixed with increased compatibility with other mods.
The quests now start and match more closely with their vanilla journal entries.
Overall the mod is simplified, easier to start/stumble onto the quests but is closer to the vanilla experience without the spam.
Rumors have a chance to run but will still popup early on, but if that is too early you can optionally enable level requirements before rumors show. This is based on the order DLCs originally released for that classic experience.

- Horse Armor
  - Must wait until you hear by rumor that will give you the note.
  - (Optional) level 3
- Orrery
  - Rumor and note can be provided from Mages Guild members or you can directly speak to Bothiel.
  - Fixes so Bothiel doesn't believe you have already discussed the list before.
  - Recommend you use unofficial patch as then it doesn't matter if you completed this before or after the Mages Necromancer Moon quest.
  - (Optional) level 3
- Wizards Tower
  - Sleep after joining Mages Guild as an associate, deed is mysteriously delivered to you.
  - Fast travel is disabled until you initially travel to home like the rest of the DLCs.
  - (Optional) level 5
- Thieves Den
  - Must wait until you hear by rumor.
  - (Optional) level 5
- Mehrunes Razor
  - Must wait until you hear by rumor.
  - (Optional) level 10
- Vile Lair
  - Sleep after committing a murder, deed is mysteriously delivered to you.
  - Fast travel is disabled until you initially travel to home like the rest of the DLCs.
  - (Optional) level 10
- Knights of the Nine
  - The church is not initially destroyed at the start of the game. Must wait until you hear rumor outside Anvil at which point church is now destroyed.
  - Includes attempted fix for bug that can prevent the corpses in Anvil Church not appearing if the cell has been reset. 
  - This could happen in vanilla too but was exposed more often in the mod.
  - (Optional) level 15
- Battlehorn Castle
  - Must wait until you hear by rumor. (Optional) level 12
  - Or you can head directly over to the castle yourself without the rumor.
- Shivering Isles
  - Must wait until you hear by rumor. (Optional) level 20
  - Or you can head directly over to the Isles yourself without the rumor.

## Legacy Version
- This is the original older version with more complicated starts of various quests.
- This does not contain the latest fixes from above.

- Horse Armor
  - Look around Imperial City taverns for the horse armor note.
- Orrery
  - After you have helped Bothiel in the mage quest line, you can talk to Bothiel about the Imperial Orrery.
- Wizards Tower
  - You get the deed from the Countess of Bruma once your skills in magicka are noticeable and you can prove your inheritance to the countess.
  - You can either reach a high rank in the Mages Guild as proof, or the average skill of your 7 magic skills must be high enough.
- Thieves Den
  - Citizens in Anvil may tell you the rumor of the cavern as long as you have stolen enough.
  - When the den is yours, how much gold you have fenced determines who you can hire:
  -No gold fenced: Fence
  -Low amount gold fenced: Supplier
  -Medium amount gold fenced: Fletcher
  -High amount gold fenced: Security Expert
  -Very High amount gold fenced: Spymaster
- Mehrunes Razor
  - Must wait until you hear by rumor after adventuring enough.
- Vile Lair
  - Sleep after commiting enough murders.
- Knights of the Nine
  - The church is not initially destroyed at the start of the game. Once your fame is high enough, the church gets attacked and rumors about Anvil's destruction will soon spread.
- Battlehorn Castle
  - You will hear a rumor about the castle from the people of Chorrol after you appear to be a veteran in creature kills.
- Shivering Isles
  - Must wait until you hear by rumor from the people of Bravil after a number of days have passed.

## Install
The official DLCs and the Shivering Isles are required.

Extract the folder starting with 00 to your oblivion/data folder depending or XX if you want the legacy versions. (Or use the wrye bash installer)

If you want to be level gated choose one of the folders starting with 01.
The OBSE level plugin allows you to configure the level requirements to your own values in the .ini file.
This obviously requires you to install OBSE. Also supports LINK so you can change the level requirements in game. 
You can also use this to disable DLC's if you set the level high enough.

Make sure the esps are set to load after the official plugins and you're all set.

If you have already started a specific plugin and wish to try out the improved start without starting a new game, you must first unload the official plugins, load game and save. 
After that enable the official plugins and the refurbishment plugins, load your game and it should be all set.

## Recommendations and Compatibility
Load Order
- Unofficial Patches
- Knights Infamy
- SM Plugin Refurbish Lite
- SM Plugin Refurbish Lite Levels OR SM Plugin Refurbish OBSE
- SM Plugin Refurbish Lite Knights Infamy

Unofficial Patches - Recommended to include lots of other fixes.

Knights of the Nine - Improved Infamy System - Recommended to preserve your infamy values rather than reset them to 0.
- Use the compatibility file and have it load after both this mod and knightsinfamy.esp .

OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice - Recommended as all rumors are silent and this mod makes you able to read the text.
But not the end of the world if you don't use this as a messagebox is always shown at the end of a new rumor.

Incompatible with JOG's Plugins Unnerfed or other DLC Delayer style mods.