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Annoyed by the constant official plugin pop ups at the start of a new game. Wished that the official plugins would start in more appropiate fashions. These esps will stop the official plugins from starting automatically and require you to do certain things to start the quests.

Permissions and credits
Annoyed by the constant official plugin pop ups at the start of a new game?
Wished that the official plugins would start in more appropriate fashions?

These esps will stop the official plugins from starting automatically and require you to do certain things to start the quests.

Horse Armor
Look around Imperial City taverns for the horse armor note.

After you have helped Bothiel in the mage quest line, you can talk to Bothiel about the Imperial Orrery.

Wizard's Tower
You get the deed from the Countess of Bruma once your skills in magicka are noticeable and you can prove your inheritance to the countess.

You can either reach a high rank in the Mages Guild as proof, or the average skill of your 7 magic skills must be high enough.

Thieves' Den
Citizens in Anvil may tell you the rumor of the cavern as long as you have stolen enough.

When the den is yours, how much gold you have fenced determines who you can hire:

No gold fenced: Fence
Low amount gold fenced: Supplier
Medium amount gold fenced: Fletcher
High amount gold fenced: Security Expert
Very High amount gold fenced: Spymaster

Mehrunes Razor
If you have adventured enough, someone may mention to you a rumor about Varsa Baalim.

The Vile Lair
Sleeping after committing enough murders will have this message delivered to you mysteriously.

Knights of the Nine
The church is not initially destroyed at the start of the game. Once your fame is high enough, the church gets attacked and rumors about Anvil's destruction will soon spread.

Shivering Isles
You will hear a rumor about the shivering isles from the people of Bravil after a number of days have passed.

Of course, you can still head directly over to Shivering Isles yourself without the rumor.

Battlehorn Castle
You will hear a rumor about the castle from the people of Chorrol after you appear to be a veteran in creature kills.

Or you can head directly over to the castle yourself without the rumor.

The official plugins are a requirement, Shivering Isles is a requirement for the Shivering Isles plugin.

Mehrunes Razor and Vile lair plugins require the official 1.2 patch.

Either extract the "00 Full Plugin/SM Plugin Refurbish(Merged).esp" to the oblivion/data folder if you have all the plugins and SI,
otherwise extract the individual esps from the "00 Individual plugins" folder you wish to use to the oblivion/data folder.
Make sure the esps are set to load after the official plugins and you're all set.

If you use OBMM you can only install the individual plugins.

If you have already started a specific plugin and wish to try out the improved start without starting a new game, you must first unload the official plugins, load game and save.
After that enable the official plugins and the refurbishment plugins, load your game and it should be all set.

This mod uses the De-Isolation method and so should be more compatible with other mods that also modify the official plugins.

Unofficial Mods Patch
Make sure this mod is loaded after the Unofficial Mods Patch esps. Don't worry, it shouldn't remove the fixes it makes. Please notify me if you find fixes missing.

Incompatible with JOG's Plugins Unnerfed

Known Issues
- I've had a report that picking up the horse armor note causes a crash but I've been unable to replicate. Either it's a mod conflict or something's gone haywire on an update.

Follow these steps to see if it fixes it.
1. Turn off all horse armor related mods and the official mod.
2. Load your save and then resave once loaded.
3. Turn back on all the horse armor mods.
4. Hopefully the horse armor will now work correctly.

JOG as some ideas are same or similar to his 'Plugins Unnerfed' mod
dev_akm for the De-Isolation tutorial on elder scrolls wiki
Kivan for pointing out the fix to crashes for those without SI
ABO for OMOD install script

Version History
- Fixed OMOD script not installing theives den plugin
- Due to popular demand, Rumors will now appear instantly when condition is met on npcs instead of having a random chance to show. Due to this certain rumors now have some new conditions before they appear.
- Added dialogue text for the plugin rumors (No Sound)
- SI now requires at least 20 days to have passed before the rumor shows up.
- Battlehorn now requires 60 creature kills before the rumor shows up.
- Fixed dialogue bugs with the battlehorn plugin.
- Stopped rumors showing up on Lucien and ensured all have check to prevent them showing up in the shivering isles.

- Improved vile lair start detection when you sleep
- New esp that has all the esps merged into a single esp file.

- Theives guild plugin now uses amount of gold fenced to determine who you can hire. The fence is now the first npc you can hire.
- Reduced mages guild rank required for the frostcrag spire plugin to evoker, and slightly reduced the total magic skills required to 280.
- Battlehorn plugin will now start as a rumor from chorrol.
- Reduced mehrunes razor required adventuring to 50 from 70.

- Added OMOD Conversion data to allow players to convert to OMOD to install. Many thanks to abo for supporting Plugin Refurbish as an OMOD.

- Fixed potential crashes in vile lair, thieves den, Mehrunes razor, horse armour, Battlehorn, Orrery if the player does not have SI installed. (Thanks kivan)
- Increased Mehrunes razor adventuring required before allowed to appear in rumors to 70 from 30 locations.

- Fixed some potentially serious issues with the Thieves Den plugin on upgrading from older versions.
- Compatibility fix between the Orrery plugin and Choices and Consequences. You now only have to speak to Bothiel directly after completing the Mages Guild quest. Those using the Choices and Consequences compatibility patch can now remove it.

- Fixed Vile Lair and Mehrunes Razor activating in the Shivering Isles (note this means official 1.2 patch is required with these esps)
- Updated Mehrunes Razor for compatibility with final UOMP v13.
- Frostcrag plugin has now been reworked such that the Countess now gives you your deed, but that's only possible if you are a high enough rank in the Mages Guild or your average magic skills are high enough.

- Thieves Den is now a tellable rumor from anyone in Anvil, but only after you have stolen or pickpocketed enough. It was just too rare being restricted to Thieves Guild members/beggars only.
- Vile Lair now requires murders, then sleep anywhere to have the message delivered to you.
- Mehrunes Razor now requires you to have done enough adventuring before it can randomly appear for rumors.
- Modified horse armor code to see if it can prevent those crashes people keep reporting.

- Removed the dependency to be in the Thieves Guild for the Thieves Den plugin

- Fixed new multiple conflicts with the latest version of the Unofficial Mod patch.

- The Shivering Isles now gets told as a normal rumor from the townsfolk of Bravil.
- Thieves Den rumor has possibility of being told from beggars or Thieves Guild members who like you in Anvil.

- Added Battlehorn Castle Plugin

- Compatibility fixes so plugins can still work when playing certain alternative starting mods.

Vile Lair
- There is now an added infamy requirement on the Vile Lair plugin to start.

- Increased required fame for quest to start slightly and also made a change so Anvil attack topic only appears once you have heard the rumors.

Thieves Den
- Changed how plugin activates. Now requires you to be in the Thieves Guild and you must give one of the Anvil beggars a coin. If they like you enough they will tell you the rumor.
- Fixed a bug where the Thieves Den plugin could only activate if you were the first rank of the Thieves Guild.

- Fixed bug where the Orrery bandits were enabled before the quest was activated
- Fixed major bug where the Imperial Orrery Topic would disappear once you finished the Necromancer's Moon quest.

Shivering Isles
- Added Shivering Isles plugin

Horse Armor
- You must now physically pick up the notes from the inns
- You can no longer find horse armor note in the Feed Bag.
- You can now find a note at the Tiber Septim hotel