No Man's Sky
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Compatibility tracking of all my mods with latest game versions

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After each major release, Hello Games pushes small updates every few days.
It's great for vanilla players who get new content and fixes quickly, but it gives a hard time to modders.
Indeed at each update, we need to check what files were changed, what mods were impacted and if possible, warn players about possible issues during the time we are working on new revisions of our mods.

And when like me you have about 70 mods to check, track and update each time, it starts to become a tough job.
I tried to post warnings in descriptions, then in comments but it's still a pain to do it for each and every mod, so I believe a single informative page would be the best, saving a lot of time for both you and I, instead of browsing through all my mod pages to know which are fine and which could cause issues.

So this page doesn't contain any mod but gives a global vision on the status of all of my mods.

I hope it will be of great use for everyone.


- if you want to know what does each mod, you can check this page where I briefly categorized and described them.
- if you want to know which of my mods can be used as is and which ones need to be merged, you can check this page.

Latest news
  2022-05-15 : ReLight has been updated for latest game version
  2022-05-03 : New No Knowledge Stones in the wild mod
  2022-05-03 : 8643033 experimental has been pushed to the public branch as 3.89. No Trade Routes has been updated.
  2022-04-28 : New 8643033 experimental version. No change in mod status.

Mod List
Yellow ones should work as expected.
Orange ones most probably don't work correctly or miss features from latest update.
How to check your game build ID in Steam :  Right-click on NMS, choose "Properties" and look at the bottom of the "Updates" section.

Experimental branch 
(2022-04-28 - Build ID 8643033)
All the mods are in the same state as the public branch below.

Public Branch 
(2022-05-03 - Update 3.89 - Build ID 8643033)
Asteroid Fields
Asteroid Hits
Better Asteroid Explosions
Better Binocular Scan Colors
Better Freighter Tractor Beam
Better Scanning Icons
Better Ship Seat
Better Ship Teleport Module Range
Better Ship Transfer Range
Better Torch Light
Better Warps
Bigger Creature Dots
Bigger Inventory Tabs Bar
Bigger Wallet
Black Carbon
Black Space
Black Warp
Centered Atlas Icon
Clean Ship Space Map
Colorful Starfield
Colorless Inventory
Exact Markers
Fast Actions
Faster AI Trader Ships
Faster Movement Speed
Flat Landing
Fractured Mining
Full Refund
Fullscreen Warps
HD Clouds
Integrated Planets
Laser Immune Creatures
Let It Snow
Long Range Freighters
Milestone Fixes
Multi Pass
Multi-Tool Mining Speed Fix
Natural Nights
Natural Steering
New Boundaries
New Milestones
New Summon Freighter Icon
NMS Translator
No Black Bars
No Buried Technologies
No Cargo Drops
No Damaged Machineries
No Danger Marks
No DOF Blur
No Exosuit Chambers
No Flying Pollens
No Glowing Plants
No High Clouds
No Knowledge Stones in the wild
No Red Landing Arrows
No Ship Speed Effects
No Space Dust and Plasma
No Space Station Icon
No Trade Routes
Private Landing Pads
Quick Crates
Renewed Riddles
Rotating Atmosphere
Short Shop Dialogs
Shorter Arrival Messages
Slow Clouds
Small Cursor
Small Panels
Space Station Interior Fix
Stop the Clocks
Tiny Inventory Changes
Traduction FR
Tritium Asteroids
True Blood
True Clouds
True Icons
Unsorted Saves

Mods killed by Vulkan - These mods were shader based and most probably can't be recreated in NMS as shader source files are not used anymore by the game.
Better Rings
Black Map
Custom Ship Monitors
No Blinding Lights
No Cloud Shadows
NoFade FPS Booster

Rare Rings
Space Dream
True Lighting
True Water