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Removes or reduces 3 ship speed effects

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This mod sorts out 3 of the most annoying speed effects in No Man's Sky : Speed lInes, Speed halo and Metrics Lines.

No Speed Lines
This new take on removing speed lines doesn't change each speed line effect to make them appear at impossible speed but completely removes the call to every speed lines. It might save 1-2 fps on top of removing the said speed lines.

No Speed Halo
This mod removes or reduces the white windy effect around the canopy.
I made 2 versions : No Speed Halo completely removes the windy effect while the "Almost" version removes 94% of the effect to clean the canopy but to keep the feeling we are traveling at high speed (see picture for the visual difference). A .lua file is also provided to merge this mod with AMUMSS.

No Metrics Lines
This mod removes the weird and thin regular vertical white lines displayed during pulse jumps after you aimed any planet or station.
Thanks for VirtualVoyager to have let me use his discovery in this mod.

As all 3 mods edit different files, you are free to use one or any combinaison of these mods.

Enjoy !

optional : 
- Remove ambient space dust and plasma with No Space Dust and Plasma

history :
v1.9 : updated for Leviathan 3.90 (only No Metrics Line needed an update)
v1.8 : updated for Outlaws 3.85 (only No Metrics Line needed an update)
v1.7 : updated for Sentinel 3.81 (only No Metrics Line needed an update)
v1.6 : updated for Frontiers 3.61 (only No Metrics Line needed an update)
v1.5 : updated for Prisms 3.52 (and 3.51)
v1.4 : No Metrics Line mod has been updated for Expeditions 3.37. The other 2 mods are still working fine. Added No Speed Lines .lua script
v1.3 : added a No Space Lines mod, gathered No Space Metrics Lines
v1.2 : updated for Expeditions 3.33
v1.1 : updated for Desolation 2.6
v1.0 : initial release

Compatibility : 
Click here to check if this mod is compatible with latest game version
- No Speed Lines can't be used along any other mods modifying MODELS\EFFECTS\SPEEDLINES\SPEEDLINES.SCENE.MBIN
- No Speed Halo can't be used along any other mod modifying MODELS\EFFECTS\WARP\SPEEDTUNNEL\SPEEDTUNNELMAT.MATERIAL.MBIN
- No Metrics Lines  can't be used along any other mod modifying GCSPACESHIPGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN
- .lua script are also provided to merge each mod with Flat Landing (editing the same file as No Metrics Lines) or any other AMUMSS script modifying the same file.