No Man's Sky
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Removes cargo drops

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I don't know for you but for uncharted worlds, there's a whole lot of stuff on these :)

So this mods aims at reducing stuff by removing the least needed ones : Cargo Drops.
Wild ones at least.
But you can still find crates near buildings or other waypoints as expected.

Since 2.3 : new optional mod file to also remove cargo drops near Portals. Can be used alone or with the main No Cargo Drops mod.

Credits : Thanks a lot to Rayrod for the hint toward the MBIN hosting the cargo drops spawn settings. This mod would have probably not existed before a long time without him. Thanks also to LazMonk for his experimentations who greatly helped to update this mod for Beyond.

- Also remove Buried Technologies with No Buried Technologies
- Also remove Damaged Machineries with No Damaged Machineries

v2.5 : updated for Prisms 3.52 (and 3.51). Optional mod is still working fine.
v2.4 : updated for Companions 3.21. Optional mod is still working fine. Added a .lua script for the "Near Portals" version (thanks Lowkie).
v2.3 : new optional mod file to remove crates near Portals
v2.2 : updated for Origins 3.02
v2.1 : added AMUMSS .lua script
v2.0 : original Beyond version

Compatibility : 
Check if this mod is compatible with latest game version
- this mod can't be used along any other mod like No Buried Tech modifying the following files :
but it is provided with a .lua script to merge it with any other AMUMSS script like No Buried Tech modifying the same files