No Man's Sky
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Greatly Increases photo and building mode boundaries

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This mode greatly increases photo and building mode boundaries (invisible dome).

In details :
- Increases Building dome radius from 60 to 2000u
- Increases Planet Photo mode dome radius from 150 to 2000
- Increases Space photo mode dome radius from 200 to 2000
- Slightly increases photo mode speed movement from 11 to 20

Be aware that from my tests, the more you ran away from center, the more the game randomly resets player position to its initial position when the photo/building mode was first engaged.
News : AshFacta discovered that the camera reset doesn't happen if you stand on your ship before entering building mode.

If you like this mod, you can thank Estel1 for his request.

Compatibility : 
Click here to check if this mod is compatible with latest game version
- This mod can't be used along any other mod modifying GCCAMERAGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN file like Fullscreen Warps but a .lua file is provided if you want to merge this mod with any other mod written for AMUMSS

History : 
v2.2 :updated for Emergence 3.71
v2.1 : updated for Emergence 3.7
v2.0 : updated for Frontiers 3.62
v1.9 : updated for Prisms 2.52 (and 2.51)
v1.8 : updated for Expeditions2 3.42
v1.7 : updated for Expeditions 3.35
v1.6 : updated for Companions 3.21
v1.5 : updated for Next Generation 3.13
v1.4 : updated for Next Generation 3.10
v1.3 : updated for Origins 3.03
v1.2 : updated for Origins 3.01
v1.1 : updated for Desolation 2.6
v1.0 : initial release
v1.0 : initial release