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A small pack of 5 outfits and 7 helmets for raiders/fiends.

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This is just a small pack I made of some outfits for raiders, but mostly Fiends,  to add a more rag-tag feel and some more clothing variety for such a common enemy.

Pairs well with my Raiders Aren't Shirtless Dweebs mod for more realistic raider armor.


Three Main Outfits
- Raider Haymaker: A heavy, cobbled-together equivalent to Metal Armor.
- Raider Guerrilla: The Fiends received shipments of these outfits from a not so mysterious benefactor to aid them in their skirmishes of NCR lands.
- Raider Trooper: Armor decorated and reinforced with trophies of fallen NCR Troopers and even Rangers.

Two Outfits Exclusive to Vault 3:
- Raider Security: Salvaged Vault 3 Security Armor reinforced with metal plates.
- Raider Vault 3 Armored Jumpsuit: An armored jumpsuit so dirty and modified that Sarah Weintraub definitely won't accept to trade it in.

Five Main Helmets:
- Fiend Intruder Helmet: A Raider Wastehound helmet without the tufts of hair and adorned with the classic Fiend Bighorner skull.
- Fiend Headrush Helmet: An aviator cap adorned with the classic Fiend Bighorner skull.
- Fiend Demolitionist Helmet: A construction helmet. Perhaps they acquired them from the Samson Rock Curshing Plant or H&H Tools.
- Fiend Guerrilla Helmet: Legion cap, goggles and bandana courtesy of Picus himself.
- Fiend Trooper Helmet: An NCR Trooper Helmet, no doubt scavenged after an encounter with some unlucky troopers.

One Helmet Exclusive to Vault 3:
- Fiend Security Helmet: A vault security helmet adorned with the classic Fiend Bighorner skull.

One Unique Helmet:
- Motor-Runner's helmet features a unique model so it actually makes sense that Colonel Hsu can recognize it.

Take Chems Make Fiends patch available.

There are no custom icons or world objects at this moment, I might make some in a later patch.


None that I know of.


Will conflict with any mod that changes Motor-Runner's helmet.


To do it manually, add  RaiderArmors.esp to your Data folder and add the files in their corresponding directories. Remove the files to uninstall.

Alternatively, you can use a mod manager.




Symmetrical Armored Jumpsuit, which I based the Raider Vault 3 Armored Jumpsuit off of.


Armor - NPC - Creatures

Father Elijah Accurate Face - Dead Money
Dean Domino Hair Cut Content Restored - Dead Money
Craftable Factionless Salvaged Power Armor
Endgame Areas Contain Ghouls - Lonesome Road
US Army Combat Helmet Revised - Lonesome Road
Vault 19 Red Jumpsuits
Sorrows Hair Style - Honest Hearts
Vault 34 Ghouls Have Vault Suits
Feral Ghouls and Jason Bright Brotherhood Robes
Feral Ghoul Armor and Outfit Pack
Raiders Aren't Shirtless Dweebs

Weapons - Ammo

.45 Auto Submachine Gun Retexture - Honest Hearts
Cosmic Knife Gauntlet - Dead Money
Bean Bag Rounds in Dead Money
The Pitt Auto Axe in Lonesome Road
Steamer Gun
Laser Diffuser - A Laser Scattergun
Plasma Discharger - An Automatic Plasma Weapon
Sawed-Off Laser RCW
Teleforce - A Unique Electric Energy Pistol
Heat Ray - Superhot Laser Pistol
Easy Come Easy Go - Unique 9mm Pistol
9mm Pistol Laser Sight
Burst Atlas - Laser Sniper
Holorifle Nerf - Dead Money
Multiplas Pistol
Glock Plasma Revolver
Gauss Shotgun
CarlZee's Weapon Pack
Neutron Gun - Radiation Pistol
Dino-mite - Dinky Timebomb

Gameplay - Quests

Chaotic Big MT Infighting - Old World Blues
Legate Lanius the Ghost Person
Father Elijah Escapes - Dead Money
Westside Reputation
Ghost People Use Toxic Cloud Poison
Ant Burrow Restored - Honest Hearts
God can use Weapons - Dead Money
Detonate The One
Mojave Express Courier Delivery Work - Primm

Misc - Fixes

F4NV Crutch - New Vegas Edition
Pre-War Cooking - My Personal Food Pack
Fallout 3 Idle Animation Restoration Pack - Modder's Resource
Ripper No Dust Cloud
Ghost People Sneak Detection Fix

Joke - Not Serious

Normal Pills- New Chem
Lore Friendly Immersive Legate Lanius Helmet Monster of the East Redux
Mobius is Morbius - Old World Blues

Enjoy :D