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Distributes lots of ghoul varieties in the Mojave Wasteland. Also a modder's resource.

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After about a month of work, this is probably my biggest mod yet! With over 70 different outfit pieces to choose from, I decided to combine them and create a bunch of different ghoul variants, and populate feral ghoul hotspots with them. I also created feral marked men and added them to the divide, and feral lobotomites for the Big MT.


- Legion Ghouls of every variant (Centurion, Praetorian, Vexilarius, Recruit-Prime-Veteran Soldier/Decanus, slave), can be found mostly in Dry Wells.
- More NCR Ghouls (Combat Ranger, Ranger, Salvaged Power Armor, Engineer Jumpsuit), can be found mostly in Camp Searchlight and the Long 15.
- Fiend Ghouls who are friendly to human fiends because idk drugs, can be found around radiation puddles in the Vegas ruins and the sewers.
- Lobotomite Ghouls, these guys pack quite a punch and scale with the player, in vein with OWB's other enemies, they can be found near radiation hotspots.
- Marked Men Ghouls who can be found pretty much anywhere you find Marked Men (except the Courier's Mile, that place was saturated enough with enemies)
- The Divide's Bunkers and Silos can also be home to US Army Remnants, feral ghouls decked out in US Army Combat Armor.
- Lots of new outfits (radiation suit, fedora, bright brotherhood robe, BoS scribe, BoS elder, doctor, authority glasses, construction hat, fire helmet, repconn jumpsuit, white jumpsuit, powder ganger dynamite sash and space suit)
- Lots of new armor with DT (Combat Armor, Leather, Metal, Reinforced Metal, T-45 Power Armor, T-51 Power Armor). Power Armor Ghouls are slower, because of all the weight.
- Unarmed weapons, like Dog Tag Fists, brass knuckles, mantis gauntlet, bladed gauntlet and deathclaw hands. Those are especially dangerous, watch out!
- I have also created a Glowing One variant that uses the Feral Ghoul Roamer's model.
- TTW Patch by Sweet6Shooter


There were a lot of outfits to go through, and I didn't bother testing them all very thoroughly in-game, so there might be a few goofy dismemberments, but it should be pretty much issueless.


Should be compatible with everything, I made my own spawns.


To do it manually, add FeralGhoulArmorPack.esp into the Data folder and add the assets in your Data\meshes\creatures\ghoul folder. Remove the files to uninstall.

Alternatively, you can use a mod manager.


Old World Blues
Lonesome Road


Armor - NPC

Father Elijah Accurate Face - Dead Money
Dean Domino Hair Cut Content Restored - Dead Money
Craftable Factionless Salvaged Power Armor
Endgame Areas Contain Ghouls - Lonesome Road
US Army Combat Helmet Revised - Lonesome Road
Vault 19 Red Jumpsuits
Sorrows Hair Style - Honest Hearts
Vault 34 Ghouls Have Vault Suits
Feral Ghouls and Jason Bright Brotherhood Robes

Weapons - Ammo

.45 Auto Submachine Gun Retexture - Honest Hearts
Cosmic Knife Gauntlet - Dead Money
Bean Bag Rounds in Dead Money
The Pitt Auto Axe in Lonesome Road
Steamer Gun
Laser Diffuser - A Laser Scattergun
Plasma Discharger - An Automatic Plasma Weapon
Sawed-Off Laser RCW
Teleforce - A Unique Electric Energy Pistol
Heat Ray - Superhot Laser Pistol
Easy Come Easy Go - Unique 9mm Pistol
9mm Pistol Laser Sight

Gameplay - Quests

Chaotic Big MT Infighting - Old World Blues
Legate Lanius the Ghost Person
Father Elijah Escapes - Dead Money
Westside Reputation
Ghost People Use Toxic Cloud Poison
Ant Burrow Restored - Honest Hearts
God can use Weapons - Dead Money


F4NV Crutch - New Vegas Edition
Pre-War Cooking - My Personal Food Pack

Joke - Not Serious

Normal Pills- New Chem
Lore Friendly Immersive Legate Lanius Helmet Monster of the East Redux

Enjoy :D