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A pack of lore-unfriendly casual clothes from TERA ported to F:NV

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a total of 6 outfits, not including variations and recolors.
-Sofa Ensemble, 2 different colors
-Disco Dress, 12 different styles
-Rogue Outfit with pants
-Rogue Outfit with miniskirt
-Bloodshadow Ninja
-Party Boat outfit, 4 different colors

The outfits can be found in a suitcase in Goodsprings, on Doc's Mitchell front porch.

-I use NV Compatibility Skeleton, I haven't tested the mod without it so I'm not sure if it will work as intended without it.
-Female body uses Type 4, but any Type body will do. Only Type 4 doesn't have neck/wrist seams though.
-Soft requirement of the High Heels mod if you don't want the heels clipping through the floor.

-I did my best to get rid of the clipping as much as possible, some might
have been overlooked or attempting to fix it lead to worse issues.
-Weight paint isn't the best either, I use a mix of automatic copying of weights and some manual tweaking.
-Some of the early meshes aren't as good as the ones I did last (Improvement yay)
Mod comes as is, I already spend a lot of time working on it, and releasing
fixes it's a pain for me, so unless it's something really serious,
there won't be any updates to this mod.

Models don't belong to me, they belong to TERA video game. Feel free to do with this mod as you wish as long as:
-You respect the original creator's permissions.
-You don't sell any part of this mod.
-You share whatever you do with this mod publicly (discord doesn't count as a public release) private mashups are okay though.

En Masse Entertainment for allowing modders to use their assets
junkacc11 for Type 4 Female Body Replacer
SciRika for all the help with the meshes, fixes and for answering my endless questions.
Thanks to all the users and modders supporting my work and helping me with issue fixing.

3DS Max for importing TERA models
Max Nif Plugin for importing .nif into 3DS Max
GIMP for exporting .dds textures
Paint.NET for tweaking textures
Real Editor for extracting TERA models
Outfit Studio for importing and manipulating fallout meshes
NifSkope for mesh edits
Bits of NifSkopery  Guide on how to deal with .nifs