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A small script to let heels working similar to their counterparts in Skyrim and FO4.

Permissions and credits
This is just a script, it doesn't do anything on its own but makes other mods with heels working as intended. You need it only if you install heels that require this.


- NV Compatibility Skeleton
- Some mods with compatible High Heels, i.e Simply Clothes or Farrah Clothes or Various Heels
For users:
If you use a mod which requires this, just install it and it will do the rest. Be sure to have all the requisites, or it won't work.
There is no MCM, but there are some options that can be configured, they are inside a file named Settings.ini file located in \Data\Config\HH. These are the parameters:
bEnable: if =1, the mod is activated. Default=1. (...uhm...)
bDebug: if =1, the debug mode is activated and some messages will spam in the console. Don't use it if not required. Default=0.
bPlayerOnly: if =1, the script will work only for Player. If you're not interested on npcs, this will provide better performances. Default=1.
bSound: if =1, it will activate some extra sound samples when you walk with heels. Disable it if you don't like it. Default=1
fSmoothness: this value defines the response of the Player's script, don't modify it if you don't need. Default=0.3

For modders:
There are few notes to show how to make heels compatible with this script, under Articles.

Juda for graphic magic; JIP, hlp and NVSE people for scripting magic.