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Brings the iconic power armor look of the classic Fallout games back to New Vegas.

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Titans of The New West is a power armor overhaul mod that aims to bring back the classic power armor aesthetics in full. It is the first part of my New West series.

This mod is fully scripted and makes zero base record changes.

Revised Meshes- redone by hand, with extra care in key areas to minimize texture stretching. Full list of armor changes:
Remnants Power Armor: Armor, helmet, and gloves reworked
Gannon Family Armor: Armor, helmet, and gloves reworked
T-45d Power Armor: Armor reworked, gloves added(from power armor gloves mod)
T-51b Power Armor: Armor and helmet reworked, gloves added(ported over from Fallout Tactics Power Armor mod)
NCR Salvaged Power Armor: Armor reworked, gloves added
Scorched Sierra Power Armor: Armor reworked, gloves added, armor glow restored(Mod doesn't add the helmet into the game; it only adjusts the mesh)

Power Armor Idle Stance
: A tweaked power armor idle animation to better fit and showcase the new models.

True Power Armor Scaling: The old power armor scaling mod had the right idea, but there were two glaring problems- Your head and weapon were also scaled. This is now fixed in Titans. The power armor scaling in this mod does not affect your head nor your weapon.

Integrated H2H Weapons: Currently most H2H weapons like the different power fists (also the Shishkebab glove) are automatically hidden when wearing power armor in third person. This is by design because of the bad clipping that occurs with the new models. In the future, I'll maybe add in custom meshes for these weapons but that's low on the priority list right now.

[Optional] Auto Hide Backpack When Wearing Power Armor: Self explanatory. This scripted method works for any backpacked weapon and does not replace the meshes.

*Note: All of the above features will only affect the specific armors named in the list.

Fallout New Vegas
Honest Hearts
Old World Blues
Lonesome Road
Gun Runner's Arsenal
NVSE (Also NVSR and all that)
A Pip-Boy Remover (
Universal Pip-Boy Customization highly recommended)

Known Issues/Compatibility
-On TTW: I don't own Fallout 3 and have no interest in ever doing so. This mod is built for New Vegas and strictly New Vegas. I am unable to answer any question regarding TTW support.
-On installing/uninstalling: It's not necessary to unequip the power armor before installing. It is however 100% necessary to unequip first before uninstalling.
-There are no actual gameplay changes in the mod, other than the hardcoded damage multiplier that the game adds along with the scaling. This multiplier can be removed by the two settings in the wonderful lStewieAl's Tweaks, "Non-Melee Damage Ignores Scale" and "Character Melee Damage Ignores Scale". The extra movement speed and jump height are already offsetted in Titans. The movement speed offset will show up as an active effect on power armors in the Pip-Boy inventory.
-Adjusting the scale value and/or jump height causes an animation glitch that makes you "land" while mid-air sometimes when you jump. This glitch is relatively harmless, other than being a minor annoyance here and there, so just a heads up.
-Arms look MASSIVE in first person perspective and will probably block a bit of the view.
-This mod runs on a custom third person skeleton, so it will not work with mods that replace the skeleton, like Ragdolls for example. The skeleton used in this mod does not cause the crucifixion bug on dead NPC as seen in Ragdolls and other skeleton replacers.
-This mod replaces the drawing/holstering and minigun animations, so load after anything that replaces those animations.
-There are already extra checkpoints set up in the script to ensure the scaling and proportion animations will always kick in for NPCs, but during playtesting, it still missed the companions every once in a while. If you notice a companion's head size is off, accessing and leaving the companion wheel will fix this.
-A couple of animations are sightly off, particularly the shoulder mounted machine gun reload animation, where the ammo clip is floating away from the hand. This is to be expected because the weapon scale is smaller than the scale of the animation itself. Still, outside of a couple of exceptions, most animations fit almost perfectly.
-The new meshes have the exact same texture coordinates as the original meshes, so they will work with any texture pack. Although, some texture packs have to replace the mesh to apply shader changes. If your in-game models don't match the screenshots, chances are you have overwritten the meshes with another mod.