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Enables the option to lockpick locks after already possessing their keys. (Yes, this is normally not possible.) Terminals can now also be hacked after already possessing their passwords.

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Choose Lockpick or Use Key

This mod enables the option to lockpick locks after already possessing their keys.
Terminals can now also be hacked after already possessing their passwords.

Ever noticed how when you own the key for a locked door, you lose the option to attempt lockpicking the door?  In my case, the foreknowledge of this bizarre game mechanic has forced me to literally avoid picking up (or being given) keys until I've managed to open their corresponding doors with just lockpicks and skill.

Why would it matter how you unlock something?

The obvious reasons:

  • Experience points.
  • Extra challenge.
  • Getting the most out of the game.

The not so obvious:

Fallout New Vegas, like Fallout 3 before it, maintains a record of the number of things you've managed to lockpick.

You get nothing for using a key.

So on the one hand, the creators of the game acknowledged that players would place some value on personal statistics such as this, yet on the other hand, because keys unavoidably unlock their corresponding locks, the creators damaged the utility of this statistic, in effect punishing the player for being resourceful enough to find more than one solution to locks.

Out of all the locked doors, safes, etc. in Fallout New Vegas, there are close to 100 which fall into the category of being open to both lockpicking and unlocking with a key.  And there are about 30 computer terminals which can similarly be either hacked or opened with passwords.

Do you like to be the sort of player who can collect all of those completely optional keys?  And wouldn't you rather have the
completely reasonable and realistic option of choosing what to do when you find those locked doors and safes?  (And terminals?)

New in V1.3:
  • Terminals can now also be hacked even after already possessing their passwords.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent NPCs from passing through some previously-locked doors.
  • Tightened the mod with the use of newer functions.
  • Yukichigai Unofficial Patch adherence.

  • A lot of world edits in this one.  Be certain to place this mod above mods you use which are specifically designed to change lighting and similar data, such as Interior Lighting Overhaul.


  • Despite the more convenient functions made available since the first version of this mod, the process still probably won't work on doors/containers/terminals added by other mods.
  • For compatibility concerns, the worst (and essentially unlikely) case would be if another mod replaces one of the affected doors/etc., in which case the replaced doors would merely lose the option of choosing how to open them.
  • Like always, minimal testing was undertaken, in order to lessen my exposure to the game before I've started playing it.  Not really expecting anything besides possibly a door or two I missed.
  • V1.2 fixes some DLC locks.

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