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Welcome to Nevada Skies 2281, the most up-to-date and advanced weather mod for Fallout: New Vegas on the Nexus.
Besides 400+ weather types, Nevada Skies also features a wide range of functions allowing you to costumize it according to your liking.

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Welcome to Nevada Skies 2281, the most up-to-date and advanced weather mod for Fallout: New Vegas on the Nexus.
Besides 400+ weather types, Nevada Skies also features a wide range of functions allowing you to costumize it according to your liking.

A huge Thanks to DarkPopulous for this insane good Showcase.

It has now been about 2 years since I received Yossarian's permission to maintain Nevada Skies.
We had good and bad times, good and less-than optimal updates along the way, good choices but also mistakes were made.
It was a long and stony road to get to this point, and I fully admit that I also made some bad decisions along the way - but the end result is all that matters.

I present to you Nevada Skies 2281, my final and major update to the mod. From this day onwards, I won't provide any further support or updates to it.
I spent a lot of time to ensure everthing works as intended. I apologize if any mistakes or bugs are left in the mod - I am only human, I make mistakes.

  • From Ancient (1.4) to Final:
  • Moved the terminal system to an MCM system for easier configuration.
  • Updated scripts to benefit from JIP LN NVSE and xNVSE functions.
  • Effects scripts have been fully updated to ensure the transitions work better and performance cost is minimized to almost zero.
  • Updated all sound files.
  • Old addons have been recreated and integrated into the MCM so you can simply toggle them on/off.
  • Converted esm/esp into a single .esp which contains everthing.
  • Added an FX Editor heavily inspired by Dynavision V3.
  • Integrated a sound effect volume control system by popular demand.
  • Climate list has been reworked to suit the different worldspaces much better than before.
  • DLC integration has been fully reworked to ensure that Moods work in them. (Yes, this includes Dead Money)
  • A brand new Interior Lighting Overhaul which features a Fake Sky Remover, Fake Light Remover, etc.
  • The new Interior Overhaul also can affect any custom Interior by default if you wish so.
  • Added some QoL features such as the mod remembering settings across saves.
  • Nevada Skies also features multi-language support by default. (Currently fully supports English Italian, and German. Doesn't fully support  French and Spanish.)

Highly customizable
Easy to use
400+ weathers
QoL changes
Bug fixes
Interior Lighting Overhaul
A lot more
xNVSE 6+
The Mod Configuration Menu
UIO User Interface Organizer
Johnny Guitar NVSE is required for some optional features, but not a hard requirement.

Snow effect tanks FPS if set to High Quality, the effect mesh is a leftover from the mod's earlier iterations.
Sky Seams - Caused by cloud textures. (I am not able to fix this.)
Gigantic sun - A conflict with EXE.
Fuzzy sky textures.

  • Q: Nevada Skies shows me error messages.
  • A: Read the error message to solve the underlying problem.
  • Q: Where are the optional files?
  • A: They are now included in the main file and can be toggled in the MCM.
  • Q: I dont have the MCM Menu.
  • A: Make sure you have MCM installed properly.
  • Q: I see no new Weathers.
  • A: Make sure Nevada Skies load as last Plugin. Vortex has some issues with it and LOOT doesn't do it correctly.
  • Q: Does the mod affect performance?
  • A: Yes. Extended light source radii can noticeably harm performance if increased via the radius multiplier setting. Snow weather effect will eat FPS if set to High Quality.
  • Q: I don't see all features in MCM.
  • A: Some of the options were moved to a config file which you can find under: Data/Config/NevadaSkies/Advanced.ini
  • I didnt want to include some advanced options in the MCM because of technical issues or because they can cause issues if instructions aren't followed properly.

If you want to use assets from this mod, you need to seek permission from their respective authors as well. Check file credits list for more info.
You have complete permission to provide compatiblity patches for other mods.

You do not have permission to change anything related to Nevada Skies' pop-up and error system.
You are not allowed to reupload NevadaSkies.esp or make a replacement .esp. All changes must be done via seperate plugins requiring the original mod.

Allnarta for fixing the Cloud Nif
EPDGaffney, Marcurios and the TTW Discord for teaching me how to script and for the huge support along the way.
Yossarian22 and Marcurios for the orginal Nevada Skies.
Thanks to RoyBatterian and his team for the Weather Effect script.
ElPascal for countless grammar fixes in both English and German, and also for being a friend.
Fallout2AM for Italian Translation.