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This turns almost all glass translucent

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I recently made two mods ya'll seemed to enjoy that made a few of the structures in Fallout translucent. After receiving all your feedback, and learning a significant amount about how to make textures better; I give to you the first official release. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labors.

What is this?

The Complete Package contains 77* textures and 62* meshes that make almost all glass objects translucent. There are two versions; a 2x upscale version, and a vanilla-sized performance friendly version.

In the optional files, there is a more translucent and less translucent version of the most common type of glass. This texture is used by most buildings, and all awnings.

New to the optional files is a plugin that will alter the McCarran Concourse interior cell to give it a day/night cycle like the exterior world. This allows the stars/sunlight to be seen through the newly translucent exterior windows.

Also in the optional files, for Tale of Two Wastelands users only there is an .esp which replaces all city buses with AmaccurzerO's bus resource. If you like the bus, do download his file and endorse it so he can know people like his work. It places animated translucent doors on about 20% of the buses in the most conspicuous locations as well as putting some minor loot inside. I have also adjusted the translucency of the bus glass to more closely resemble the rest of the glass in my mod. I don't advise taking shelter inside the buses during a firefight, they'll explode with you inside. There are no buses in NV, this is strictly for TTW users.

Why isn't all the glass translucent already?
All buildings with a loaded interior space look bad with translucent windows. There are no textures inside. They used many of their old opaque glass textures to hide flaws. I have taken great care to adjust the translucency to minimize the exposure of these previously hidden flaws. I've also added textures to the inside of many buildings with v1.1! No more textureless voids!

What's new?
v1.3 - Internal floor meshes for Aerotech Office Park style multilevel buildings, pitchers, smoothing of edge of broken glass for upscale, new fancy alpha channel with more colors than before to enhance the edge of broken glass further. Also fixed a few broken meshes pointed out by Hermit85
v1.2b - Removed nukalamp added in v1.2. Removed some nonworking normals from upscale pack.
v1.2 - Some new translucent things like Vault 19 entrance. Also corrects all identified crashes from 1.1
v1.1 - Meshes with internal textures! Previous unearthly voids now concealed with textures! Optional McCarranSky.esp plugin to finish off Camp McCarran once and for all. Removal of all the optional packages too much work for me sorry.
v1.0 - FIRST OFFICIAL RELEASE - Experimental textures moved to optional files. Upscaled Version.
v0.2 - Added Chet's Display Cases, empty milk, an empty glass, lots of vehicle* glass.

Fallout New Vegas or TTW

These are textures and meshes, and therefore not compatible with any mods that replace these same textures and meshes.
I recommend you load mine after your other texture pack, play a bit see what translucent stuff you like and delete the rest.

The new McCarranSky.esp has only a few edits of the McCarran Concourse Interior Cell. It should be compatible with all mods that also modify this area, load McCarranSky.esp after any mods that touch McCarran Concourse or it will have no effect. It is compatible with both NV and TTW. I would highly recommend learning to use FNVedit if you don't already, because you can easily merge this into a patch or your weather mod, then disable McCarranSky.esp from your load order.

This includes my own scratch-made versions of McCarran Terminal Glass, and McCarran Glass Escalators. I greatly love these mods and they were my inspiration to begin making this overhaul. I never wanted to replace their mods, my intention is to give ya'll options. My versions of these textures are less translucent than theirs. Load their files after mine if you prefer their version instead of mine.

This doesn't touch any doors because that's already been done extremely well. Get Semi-transparent Door Glass if you somehow don't have it already.

The TTW bus replacer isn't compatible with Busworld or anything else that touches the buses.

If you are using my mod for glass, you don't need the Gun Runner's Kiosk Glass fix to remove that soil from the glass. However, still definitely get his mod for the alternate version with the vent in the glass or because his glass seems to be slightly less translucent than mine if that's to your liking. Take your pick. Load his after mine.

AmaccurzerO Thanks for the bus!

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