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This modification adds weather effects such as sandstorms, rain, rainstorms, snow, radstorms and other weather variants to the game.

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This mod adds more versatile weather effects to the Mojave. Weather effects include Sandstorms, Rain, Rainstorms, Thunderstorms (with/without rain) and snow at appropriate areas. The Mod adds more than 320 new cloud- and weather variants to the game. Sunrises and sunsets have been tweaked for more diversity, and nights are darker and do look more like real nights. Additional changes to the environmental light appearance to support the weather appearance and the mood they create. Bloom effect reworked to reduce NPC and player figure glow appearance. Also this weather mod provides you with a large amount of special weather themes, that create a unique and new feeling to the game and can be activated as standalone or as part of the main climate. Some of those moods have special effects such as snow, icestorms, toxicstorms and firestorms

Offical Nevada Skies Discord


  1. 320 Weather Types
  2. Moods with unique Weather
  3. MCM Menu to configurate Nevada Skies
  4. No optional Addons anymore they are all integrated in Main File
  5. Support for all DLC
  6. New Feature like Heathaze, Acid Rain and more
  7. New Meshes

Known Issues

  1. The Storm follow you and this is noticable. This is engine related
  2. Old Patches are incompatible
  3. If a sound is playing and you use the Volume Settings its dosent affect directly the playing sound (Need disable/ enable. in ground the weather which have the sounds will be lower at next time if it played )
  4. Sometime the clouds are missing this is engine related
  5. Modular version have issues with Location Patcher. activate only in Custom Location and deactive it in the DLC. TTW , NON DLC and Ultimate dont have this issues


Choose your version
Non DLC or DLC
Extract the content to your Data folder and simple check the File in your Mod Manager
Or install it directly trough a Manager like FOMM Fork, Vortex, NMM or MO

Make sure the Plugin load as Last and dont include it in any Bash, Smash or Merge Patch it will break Nevada Skies.


  1. Interio Lighting Overhaul Patch is merged in main files. Select it trough MCM. Do not use the Old One.
  2. Colorful Stars: Nightsky becomes more colorful. Copy into data/textures/sky
  3. Plain Stars: Nightsky becomes more blue and less intense
  4.                 All Nights are Merged in the Main file and can be simple check trough MCM


The MCM will replace Terminal System

They are split in 4 Categorys

The first is Neveda Skies.
This Category manage everthing about Nevada skies and only affect Worldspace which use Nevada Skies Climate.

The Second is 47 Weather Redux
it only have a few option. It dosent support Lonesome Road and The Pitt. It only affect Worldspace with 47 Climate

The Next is the Option Menu. Its affect everthing. Control The Volume, Enable Moods, etc etc.

The Last one is the Climate
Choose your favorit Weather for each Worldspace.

How to report a bug

Simple post your load order
aswell the current weather
you can simple get the id if you type in the console getcurrentweather

i will ignore all report without this information aswell report with picture from your load order. all manager have a copy to clipboard function
i ignore all reports about old patches aswell the old nevada skies

Road Map
Update 3.0 will include Heat and Frost if it possible for me to get it done


Q: Where should I put Nevada Skies in my load order?
A: The ESP file has to be at the very end of the load order. This is very important.

Q: Why do I have some (place your weird sky effect here) ?
A: This mod was tested and optimized for Fallout NV settings with HDR on and High Textures Quality. I am no professional, so I not gonna test it on all settings, nor do I support all of them. If you play with different settings and have weird effects, don't count on me.

Q: Why do my clouds and other parts of the mod seem to be broken (ground textures in the sky) ?
A: Make sure you have ArchiveInvalidInvalidated!.bsa properly installed and you downloaded and installed the DATA files that go with your esp file, and make sure you unpacked them in the right directory. Example: DATA/textures/etc. Also it might help to switch to high texture quality in game settings.

Q: How to get snow in Jacobtown?
A: Enable it trough MCM.

Q: The mod doesn't seem to work on my system!
A: Disable the mod and load the save game. Go inside an interior. Save the game without NVSkies active. Quit the game. Re-enable the mod and load a game. The mod should kick in once you set foot in to the Mojave.

Q: Why do I have missing meshes and textures, or exclamation marks showing up during a sandstorm?
A: Your meshes are incomplete or located at the wrong directory. Copy all Data files to your "steam/steammaps/common /Fallout new vegas/Data" directory! Enable the mod at the Fallout mod manager.

Q: How do I access the weather settings menu ?
A: Open the Pause Menu and Select The Mod Configuration. Select Nevada Skies.

Q: I have red exclamation marks around me in storms
A: The meshes/textures are in the wrong directory or incomplete/missing. Make sure all the meshes/textures are copied to your Fallout directory.

Q: I want darker / I want lighter nights!
A: Select a Night trough MCM.

Q: The Mod Configuration cannot be found.
A: Make sure you have NVSE aswell MCM installed

Q: Does NVSkies work with Fellout?
A: It does not work with any other weather mod.

Q: Will you make a Sandstorm only version, or a Sandstorm + Rain only version, or a Rain + Snow only version, or whatever else?
A: No. But you can combine and enable/disable mostly every weather effect and combine all moods just as you are pleased.

Q: Does this mod cause performance impacts like fps drops and stuttering?
A: Possibly. Depends on how "strong" your system is. Find it out yourself. It doesn't lag for me. (only when raining/storming it is possible that it impairs performance somewhat).