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Hi there, welcome to my profile.


I'm ElPascal, I live in Germany and occasionally create and support mods for Fallout: New Vegas because I hate having free time and fun.


Here's a recipe for a pretty good Chili, because nobody can stop me: 


- You start out by frying tomato paste and chopped onions in olive oil.

- Optionally you may also add some fresh tomatoes, cut them crosswise and let them fry for a bit (preferably smaller ones, e.g. cherry tomatoes as they don't take very long to soften up).

- Next add the tomato sauce (note: you could also start out with vegetable broth and add some tomato sauce on top if you want to let it cook a while or maybe add red lentils or the likes).

- Add in half a bar of dark chocolate.

- Add in corn and beans. Depending on your diet of choice, you may also want to add either minced meat, red lentils or some form of meat replacement at this stage.

- Add in chili, salt, pepper, cumin and further spices of your choice (the oregano/thymian combo never failed me).

- Here's a little trick I learned from relatives in Texas: add a bit of (preferably dark) beer and/or coffee. This adds a lot of aroma to the recipe. The alcohol will dissipate after being cooked for a bit.

- Let it cook until it has reached an appropriate thickness.

- Add some pressed garlic. I find that it looses its taste if cooked for too long, thus I like to add it relatively late in the process.


Serve with bread, rice, or just like that.


Guten Appetit!


The wonderful thing about this pretty simple recipe is that you can very easily change some ingredients to turn it into a Bolognese or African/Indian-styled bean pan instead by leaving out the chocolate, beer and coffee or perhaps by using a spoon of peanut butter instead of chocolate and adding or leaving out certain spices of your liking. It's a basic recipe to build off of in any way you like.


And of course adding some fresh herbs on top is pretty nice as well, parsley for example.


I speak English, Deutsch und un peu français.


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