Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Every last visual effect texture in FNV base game remade. This affects all visuals in a great way.

Permissions and credits

This is every visual effect in the game, remastered with fresh new HD textures.

Not scaled up original textures. ALl new textures from scratch.

That said...

What will this affect?
Fires like the burning barrels and ambient fires like in Nipton
Acctors lit on fire as well as flame from weapons
Ambient smoke of all kinds
Weapon impacts by bullets or energy (debris, sparks, smoke, wisps, ect)
Explosions (ALL OF THEM)
Critical kills by energy guns (all)
Ambient dust, wisps, fog, radiation, crumbles, ect
Ash and Goo piles
Muzzle-flaashes (100% every weapon's)
Water drips, jets, spouts, splashes. All ambient water fx
Props that use vfx (such as Force Fields, electric arcs)
Damage stages like on vehicles
Even the fish in the water and vultures in the sky
UPDATE v2 : EXE now includes the water itself!
UPDATE v2 : EXE now includes the sun (go ahead, look directly at it!)

Basically ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that uses vfx textures of any kind.
(oh and any mod that introduces new explosions, impacts, ect will also inherently benefit from this. Bonus!)

Notes : 
Works in conjunction with other mods such as EVE and IMPACT, simply overwrite when asked (some files overlap, but because these are the latest and highest quality let EXE's overtake the old).

Also works well with TTW without issue, so have at it!

What would go well with this?
How to make my whole game as awesome as these VFX?
If you want virtually every aspect of your game to be crisp, HD, generally better-looking, here's what I'd suggest :

WEAPONS (non-energy) - WRP
FLORA/PLANTS - Wasteland Flora Overhaul
CLOTHING - Wasteland clothing Hires
LANDSCAPE & LOD - Textures Over Time
CHEMS - PM's Med/Chems/Venoms HD
CLUTTER - MG's Neat Clutter
CREATURES & ARMORS - Book of Water
ITEM ICONS - Misc Item Icons
DUST STORM - HQ Dust Storms
LOADING SCREENS - Menu/LoadScreen replacer
GHOULS - Ghouls Hires
HUMAN SKIN - Hires Body Textures

If you had all these mods then nearly everything in your game would be covered

Permission :
Not to be posted on other sites, not for inclusion in other mods. If you want your mod to use these textures, simply make your mod use vanilla textures and ask/link people to this mod.

Comparisons :
Here are a few 

Future : 
Fallout the Frontier - www.falloutthefrontier.com

Credits : 
Textures custom made by me

Inquiry : 
Does your game need great visuals made well? 
Jack Wong, freelance VFX Artist at your service. Contact me here (experienced in many game engines)