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Qolore 7 - PushTheWinButton - Anro24

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Simple scripted interior lighting overhaul. Automatically works with any mod

Permissions and credits
- Scripted simple solution for more immersive interiors 
- Visuals configurable via an INI file
- No FPS loss, no bloat
- Automatic support for all interiors, including ones added by mods (including TTW - but make sure to grab the patch)
- Requires xNVSE and JIP LN NVSE Plugin

- Script runs once per game start. Runs during the main menu, meaning no performance impact. 
- Incompatible with Nevada Skies as it has its own interior lighting
- Purposefully does not affect The Frontier, as the Frontier uses custom image spaces for its interiors and this would make the interiors look far different than intended 
- Credit goes to Anro24 for her work on the two aforementioned mods, which the script was based on
- Also shout-out to PushTheWinButton for re-working the script then also optimizing it to be like 50x faster