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FNV Modder & Electrical Engineer from Scotland with an interest in coding, mechanical keyboards and all things videogame. I've always been a massive fan of Bethesda games and the mods that make them a unique experience. I made my first mod in 2018 for Skyrim Special Edition & returned two years later to fix some of my biggest issues with another favorite, Fallout: New Vegas.


Hopefully you came here from one of my mods looking to see what other work and I encourage you to do so! Maybe check out some of the content I have produced to supplement my mod releases and leave an endorsement if you enjoy my work.


Currently working on New Vegas mods! I aim to redesign & clutter key areas that are in dire need of it, particularly focused on the poor player housing options available within vanilla Vegas.


I'll also produce any mods that I think could improve my own or the general player-bases experience in the Mojave Masterpiece. Some of my mods are highly thought out and planned before production, others are silly ideas or minor improvements I think of on the fly, regardless of the project I aim to ensure it benefits the player in some way or Is enjoyable to experience. 


Mod release schedule is fairly loose as the time I can spend on it largely depends on my work / life commitments. I also ensure to take as much time as needed to ensure my mods are as polished as can be alongside the production of a pleasing / coherent mod page.


I also fully believe in gaining feedback to improve my current, past and future work. As such I will always welcome any constructive criticism / feedback the community can provide. 



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My current projects can be followed via the following channels and I'm reasonably active on each:



Discord Server



I've set up a discord server to update those interested on current, up-and-coming projects, releases and to provide mod support. If you are interested - I'd love to see you over there!









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