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One of the largest vanilla expansion mods and tools. 21+ new factions, custom C# systems such as spawning, AI, dialogue, rewards, diplomacy, and more! Hundreds of new units, campaign spawns, troop trees, campaign events, etc. Modular enough to act as an API for other mods, allowing for easy XML modding that is not possible with the base game.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
  • French

History books may be linear and filled with the deeds of heroes and the aristocracy, but the reality of war is far from such orderliness. War means chaos. War means people not knowing what to do and turning to unorthodox means of livelihood. War, especially one that has been dragged out like in Calradia, means tens of thousands of people pushed into utter chaos.

A few bandits here and there simply doesn't reflect that.

The aim of this mod is twofold. First, it adds different hostile and allied troops, factions, and troop trees into the game without modifying any of the game files, all with varying patterns of spawning. Second, it allows for modders to add new troops into the game themselves.

The added chaos also makes economics harder to manage, as caravans can actually get looted and villagers captured. All of this is meant to make the game more immersive, and have you actually experience what it is like to try to make a name for yourself in a war-ravaged land rather than a stable, economically cohesive country. There are others trying to make a name for themselves, make a living, or pursue more unusual ends. Bandits and custom spawns upgrade troops as they loot, for example. 

The initial setup of the mod is meant to be balanced, with the lords and armies still being much stronger than the custom spawns as they should be. Some of the rarer spawns (each has >1% chance to spawn daily) are stronger than individual lords but can be crushed by armies.

You are free to change the size of the spawns and how often they spawn in the mod files :). You are also free to use the API to create your own mods! I have tutorials regarding both and plan to make more.



Some considerations:

- Calradia at War does not modify any factions nor does it remove anything from vanilla! Hence, it is largely patch compatible.
- Calradia at War requires a new start and will not work if added during an ongoing campaign.

Custom Spawns is the name of the API used by other mods. Download sub mods dependent upon the API such as Calradia at War for content. Combining mulitple sub-mods is supported.

Any mod that modifies factions or adds new ones will not be save-game compatible, which includes Calradia at War. If you run Calradia at War with an old save, your game will crash.

The API has tools for a Devastation System affecting spawn rates depending on various campaign factors, a Dialogue System for easy addition of dialogue to parties, custom AI for different spawns, a Reward System for killing larger spawns, AI recruiting prisoners depending on their party size and whether they have a hero onboard, and even more!

Currently, Calradia at War adds 70+ new spawns/party types with 200+ new troops all integrated into a troop tree of their own. It also adds 21 new factions each with their own heroes. The different spawns have different schedules of spawning, with some spawning much more rarely and being stronger than lords themselves. They also have different behaviour, and have alliances and wars with specific factions.


Fixes to Some Known Issues
  • If the troops are appearing like children, this is a mod load order issue. Please try to load the mod last and definitely after the vanilla modules.

Regarding Bug Reports. Read Before Posting Bug Reports Please!

There are two types of bugs:
  • An unhandled bug that crashes your game. Please try to include extra information, and your crash reports etc. if available. These are the trickiest bugs to fix so information will be welcome.
  • A handled bug that displays a message I set up, saying that you need to report the bug to me with some information included. Please do not forget to include this message, along with the information it has provided. In this case, you can keep playing as your game will not have crashed.

In both cases, please include:
  • your mod list.
  • steps to reproduce.
  • the full message shown because of the crash/bug.
  • the version of the mod you were using.
  • YOUR SAVE FILE!! This will make it much easier for me to fix the bug. You can send it to me through email at [email protected]

You can find your save file at C:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME HERE]\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves
If you send me a save file, please also send a copy of all your mods.

Thank you in advance!

I will potentially delete bug reports that do not meet these criteria if they are cluttering the bug reports list. This also goes for duplicates. I am doing this as the time I spend explaining duplicate bug reports etc. is time not spent on actually fixing bugs.


Team Members
  • Anopey (Ozan Ürkmez)
  • Phillus
  • DeathStroke94
  • Lykos
  • Eagle

Customization and Modding
Check out the youtube tutorials on this youtube channel! Or just head to the files of the mod, especially in ModuleData/Data. It's all mostly self-explanatory. If you have any issues after that, feel free to post here or come to the discord and ask :)
Using my API as a basis for your mod is really easy! Here is a video on how to implement my API. You don't even have to code any C#:

If you do want to code some C# and help me develop my mod further, here are the GitHub links:

You would have your users download this API and your mod separately, but thanks to this any other mod that implements my API would not have any conflicts with your mod as the API would just be installed once!

If you end up using this API, please set this nexus page as a dependency so that users can download the latest version.

Mod compatibility:

Order should be the following:

- Realistic Battle Mod
- Open Source Armory

- Other mods
- Calradia at War
- Compatibility patches
- Custom Spawn sub mods

Be sure to checkout the compatibility patches made by Balbor. These mods would not work with each other without his hard work !

Sub-mods for e1.0.0:

Sub-mods for e1.8.X:

Sub-mods for e1.7.X:

If you want to have your mod listed here, contact Eagle on discord

Older sub-mods: