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This mod overhauls the game with organized crime. Roguery and criminal rating plays a larger role in making money, new acitivities, mini-quests, companions, factions and 100+ new troops and parties. For full features, also download Distinguished Service.

This mod requires Custom Spawns.

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This is the fix based on Open Source Scum and Villainy - Scripts Project and Module Latest


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Developer: Fireman, 8thor8 & Anopey (for making CustomSpawns)! Additional help from nyanarchist (parts of dialogue) and ComradeCheekiBreeki (Pirate Captain)

This mod requires the Custom Spawns api mod:

Install it and do not forget to activate it in the launcher along with the Scum and Villainy module!

Major props to Anopey!

Starting with mod version e1.0.1.0 and higher, the assets were removed from the archive with the mod and placed in the section optional files.
This was done for faster and more comfortable updating of the mod.
If you didn't have an installed mod with assets you should download them from the optional files section.
The final folder with the mod should look like this:

The folders containing the assets are highlighted in red.

General Information

Ever thought it was weird that gangs play such a big role in the cities, but there was never a sight of any organized crime? Well now there is!

This mod adds organized crime to the game. Several new parties will roam the map harrassing villagers and caravans. Migrating clans will actually migrate to other cities and slavers will sell off their own children for profit. Smuggling and fencing stolen goods will be present on the overhead map.

The Kingpin is the leader of the Crimson Cartel and rules the deserts and steppes of Calradia. The Robber Baron leads the Iron Fist and roams around in the Empire and Vlandia. Finally the Warlord rules the Kingslayers, who are readying themselves for a war against all kingdoms and nobility.

All services offered by gangs and outlaws is on a "need-to-know" basis, which means that if you do not have enough denars to afford their services, you do not need to know about them. If you are visiting slave markets, bring prisoners. If you are visiting gang hideouts or black markets, bring enough coin to pay their fees or recruit their troops. If you are planning on visiting the Seven Scimitars of the Shiting Sands, you better have plenty of troops and coin to keep them at bay and offer their services to you.

Special unique troops (Juggernauts, Warstompers) are extremely expensive, but if you look out for the special parties that spawn, you can imprison and recruit them for absolutely free. Additional unique troops (Deadeye, Impaler, Harvester) can be obtained from hideouts, pirate caverns and markets and are upgradeable with the Disciplinary perk (Rogue Hunters, Wild Woodcutters, Furious Fisherman).

Additionally, more peasant parties roam the map. As bandit lure or as defenders.


1. New Hideouts (e.g. Gang Hideouts, Slave Markets, Smuggler's Den, Pirate's Cove)
2. New Parties that spawn all through Calradia
! (e.g. Vandals, Slave Catchers, Coin Collectors, Gang Patrols, Smuggler Caravans)
3. New troops! In total three reasonable troop trees, adding a total of 50 units (with regional variations!).
4. New events! Random events with huge riots, revolts and manhunts. Special troops appear through events!
5. New gameplay mechanics! Sell slaves or fence goods, buy unique items and bet on brawling bums. Hire gang members to fight alongside you. Increase your party size by capturing and recruiting sultans. Hire unique troops and upgrade them with the disciplinary perk.
6. New quests, collect materials to craft new items, collect bounties for Bounty Hunters from large, unique parties to increase your roguery skill!
7. New vendors, weapons and items! Visit the black market for unique items only available to those with enough denars and roguery skill!
8. Make denars by beating the odds at illegal arena fights in the Pits!

Organized crime has more than five own troop trees. Below are the largest ones, but in total there are over 100 new troops! Each troop has at least eight item sets (most between 6-12), so that not all troops look the same while in combat.