Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Ever miss the manhunters? How about a new manhunter faction, special manhunter campaign AI, 13 new manhunter units, 6 types of manhunter spawns and more!?

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Welcome to my mod!

This mod adds 13 new manhunter units all integrated into a troop tree, along with a custom faction that periodically spawns 6 different manhunter spawns! Alongside this, the manhunters have their own campaign AI, and are integrated into a special diplomacy system to make sure that they are at friendly terms with the kingdoms and hostile to bandits and criminal factions.

The mod. The ones in brackets represent the spawns and the troop trees are represented through normal text:

  • add manhunter special AI
  • Village Youth -> Village Scout OR Trained Youth. Village Scout -> Village Ranger OR Lookout. Village Ranger -> Village Sherrif.
  • Trained Youth -> Town Guard OR Town Marksman.
  • Burgher -> Trained Youth OR Righteous Citizen. Righteous Citizen -> Manhunter -> Veteran Manhunter -> Sherrif
  • (Village Watch and Town Watch spawns that patrol around their spawns initially and then move to closest settlement after 3 to 6 days. Rİnse and repeat)
  • (Manhunters spawn that does the same but within 1 to 4 days.)
  • (Zealous Conscripts that are rarer and do the same within 3 to 6 days)
  • (even rarer Idealistic Citizens spawn that does the same within 3 to days)
  • (extremely rare cleansing group spawn that goes around settlements every 1 to 2 days. they are fast and deadly, and represent the concentrated efforts of the manhunters/kingdoms)

The mod requires the Custom Spawns Clean API to function. Just download it as another mod alongside this and run both mods. Alternatively, you can download the main Calradia At War mod which contains both this manhunter faction and 20 more unique and immersive factions.

I am uploading this mod separately to Calradia At War so that users who do not want to add anything more than the manhunters that they are nostalgic for can benefit from it.