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This mod will add addition Bandit units and bandit spawns to Calradia.
Using the CustomSpawns API to add bigger and more varied bandit parties that roam the lands, from medium sized warbands to large hordes and War hosts.
For 1.7.0

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What this mod does?
It adds 26 new units (23 Bandits and 3 Regulars) and 14 new bandit party types. These include Broken Men,  Footpads, Sea Raid Champions, Woodland Brigands, Steppe Hillmen, Mountain Warriors and Bedouin Archers. It also incorporates my 'Bandits are not Nobles' mod so include 3 new Battanian Archer troops. 

Why LooterPlus when it features other bandit types?
I started making this mod back in December 2021, when it was part of another mod which I eventually split in two. The first part because my Expanded Mercenaries mod, and this became the other half. When I first started it was just to expand the Looter tree, then I decided to change the upgrade paths of all the Bandit units because I didn't like the idea of them becoming nobles, then I added a few more bandits, I thought it would be cool if bandits turned into Mercenaries... and before long the mod was bigger than I planned.

How It Works?
Thanks to the CustomSpawns API you will encounter more varied types of Bandit Parties containing more than the regular 3 bandit units found in vanilla parties. You will need to install either the Custom Spawn API or full Calradia At War (Custom Spawns) mod to activate these new parties. While the mod will work without Custom Spawns you will not see any new parties, with the exception of the modified looter party, and you are unlikely to encounter many of the new units, especially as some some are on separate troop trees to the vanilla bandits and only appear in the new parties.

Do I need any other Mods?
Yes and No, you will need CustomSpawn to access all the mods features, but I have not made it a dependency so you can technically use the mod without but you will miss out on much if the mods content. As this mod also includes 'Bandits are not Nobles' you will not to use that mod. I've also included a patch to make the mod compatible with Expanded Mercenaries mod, with will also unlock some additional Mercenary Units only available if using both mods.

What Load Order should I use?
Make sure to load LooterPlus after Calradia At War (Custom Spawns) or CustomSpawns Clean API. You only need to use one, not both.
If you are using Expanded Mercenaries also then use this load order;
CustomSpawns or CustomSpawns Clean API 1.6.2
LooterPlus CustomSpawns
Expanded Mercenaries  1.0.4*
Looter Plus Expanded Mercenaries
You won't need the 'Mercenary Bandit' add-on that comes with Expanded Mercenaries if using the Looter Plus Expanded Mercenaries patch.

Is this mod compatible with De Re Militari? Is this mod compatible with mod [xxx]?
Unfortunate not, however I will make a version that is compatible. It will likely just add the new spawn parties using DRMs bandit units. As for other mods, any mod that edits the Looter party, or edits the vanilla bandits, especially their upgrade tree then it will conflict with this mod. 

Will I need to start a new game?
It's always advisable to start a new game when adding a mod, but this mod should be ok to add to an existing game as it only added new units. However, as with any mod that adds new units you won't be able to remove it once you start using it so always back up your saves before trying it. Saves can be found in your \Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves folder.

Please note! If you want to add this to an existing game you MUST use the CustomSpawns Clean API. You cannot add Calradia At War to an existing game others you will get errors loading the save and once in game you will get a CTD as soon as you move.