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MWSE Blood Diversity provides a variety of new configurable blood types for the creatures of Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon, the Official Plugins, and a variety of mods.

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Blood Diversity
By: Anumaril21


I. Requirements
II. Description
III. Compatibility
IV. Mod Coverage
V. Installation and Removal
VI. Credits

I. Requirements:

- Morrowind
MGE XE 0.10.1+
Latest MWSE Nightly

II. Description:

Blood Diversity provides new blood types for the creatures of Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon, the Official Plugins, and a variety of mods based on real-world and lore considerations. Following are the default blood types included and my justifications for each, but these can all be configured via the MCM:

0 - Red Blood:
Default blood type for humanoids, mammals, and anything else that didn't warrant a change.

1 - Dust:
Utilized for Skeletal Creatures, Ash Creatures, and optionally Vampires in consideration of vanilla settings, ashen natures, and the 'vampire dust' item respectively.

2 - Sparks:
Utilized for Dwemer constructs, Fabricants, and the Imperfect in consideration of vanilla settings and to reflect their machine natures.

3 - Ichor:
Utilized for organic variants of Daedra in consideration of 'The Infernal City' novel's mention of Winged Twilight ichor, in addition to how fitting it is with the mythological concept.

4 - Ectoplasm:
Utilized for Ghosts and Ghost NPCs to reflect the 'Ectoplasm' item dropped from many of them.

5 - Blue Blood:
Utilized for Crustaceans, Netch, and far-northerly creatures like Rieklings and Grahl in consideration of real-world hues of blood as well as jelly in the case of the Netch.

6 - Orange-Hued Hemolymph:
Utilized for Insectoid and Kwama creatures in consideration of real-world hues.

7 - Elemental Energy:
Utilized for creatures composed of or containing a great deal of magickal energy within them such as Atronachs, Spriggans, Hircine, and Dagoth Ur.

III. Compatibility:

This mod IS NOT compatible with OpenMW, at least until support for MWSE mods or a similar feature that allows for this kind of scripting. Otherwise it should be compatible with any other mod, though it will overwrite any blood types introduced.

If you wish to utilize your own blood replacer, simply replace the correct file in the textures\Anu\Blood directory.

IV. Mod Coverage:

If you are the author of a mod I've covered and DON'T want any changes to blood applied to your mod, simply let me know and I'll remove them.

If you are a mod author who DOES want blood changes applied to your mod's creatures, merely make a request in the designated forum. Authors who ask will be prioritized.

Covered Mods:

This mod does NOT require the following mods, but will change the blood types of their creatures if they are active. Many more mods may be covered than are listed here, as blood type is determined by creature model, rather than mod-specific qualities like IDs.

Antares' Creatures Integration
Atronach Expansion
Better Dwarven Spectres - Mer and Maidens Edition
Blighted Animals Retextured
Bloodmoon Creatures
Creatures Version XI
Dagoth Creatures Replacer
Divine Dagoths
Morrowind Rebirth
Pimp My Shrine - The Legend of Vernaccus
Province: Cyrodiil

Quorn Resource Integration
R-Zero's Creatorium
Salt Gems of Bensamsi
Skyrim: Home of the Nords
Spriggans and Twiggans
Tamriel Rebuilt
The Sanguine Rose
The Shrine Defenders
Undead Glass Berserker Mod and Resource

Unique Creatures
Vanilla Friendly Creatures and Undeads Expansion
Vvardenfell Ancestor Ghosts Weaponized

V. Installation and Removal:

To install, select the 'Core' files as well as your choice of textures through a mod manager's installation, or manually drop the MWSE folder from 'Core' into your Data Files folder and repeat for your textures choice.

VERY IMPORTANT - Replace the [Blood] section of your Morrowind.ini with the following:

Model 0=BloodSplat.nif
Model 1=BloodSplat2.nif
Model 2=BloodSplat3.nif

Texture 0=Anu\Blood\
Texture 1=Anu\Blood\
Texture 2=Anu\Blood\
Texture 3=Anu\Blood\
Texture 4=Anu\Blood\
Texture 5=Anu\Blood\
Texture 6=Anu\Blood\
Texture 7=Anu\Blood\

Texture Name 0=Red Blood
Texture Name 1=Dust
Texture Name 2=Metal Sparks
Texture Name 3=Ichor
Texture Name 4=Ectoplasm
Texture Name 5=Blue Blood
Texture Name 6=Orange Blood
Texture Name 7=Energy

To remove, simply delete the associated mod folder or the 'main.lua' and 'mcm.lua' files within and revert the .ini changes.

VI. Credits:

This mod was heavily inspired by SpaceDevo's own 'Diverse Blood' mod which I have essentially updated to take advantage of MWSE, in addition he, Qwertyquit, and Reizeron (R-Zero) are credited with many of the textures contained in this mod. Edited 'bloodsplat3' mesh is also credited to SpaceDevo. Additional thanks to Greatness7 for the MCM layout, as well as the Morrowind Modding Community Discord for assistance with the code, notably Nullcascade.