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A model and texture replacer for the Spriggan creature and its unique ingredient: heartwood. Also adds a new Spriggan variant: the Twiggan, a forest spirit which takes on a more masculine form.

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Spriggans and Twiggans

What this mod does:

1. Smooths the spriggan model and replaces the texture with a high resolution texture and glow map
2. Adds particle effect "fireflies" which swarm around the spriggan
3. Replaces the heartwood with a new model and texture matching the new spriggan look
4. Makes heartwood appear a little more frequently and alongside the belladonnna berries rather than instead of them
5. Optionally adds a masculine forest spirit, known as the twiggan to leveled lists
6. Spriggans are about twice as common as the elusive twiggans


* My wife - for prodding me into making this (she wanted a treeman to go with the spriggans) and for providing critique along the way
* MacKom - for the base texture which provides the shading detail to the texture
* Bethesda - for the spark of inspiration which led to the creation of this wonderful game


Feel free to use the models in this mod to create your own Spriggan/Twiggan replacer (with new textures, please). Don't include this in a compilation without asking first (I'll undoubtedly say yes, but I'd like to know where this goes).