R-Zero's Creatorium Part 1 - Waters and Shores by Take a Wild Guess Who
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R-Zero's Creatorium is a mod currently in development stage, whose purpose is to increase the diversity of the creatures in the game. It will include, firstly, the creatures mentioned in the game dialogues/books, secondly - those that did appear in another Elder Scroll games, and thirdly - slight variations of already present ones.
This mod will be divided in several parts, according to dialogue topics describing different creature types.

Part 1 - Waters & Shores includes:

 - King Mudcrab
 - Titan Mudcrab
 - Blind Slaughterfish
 - Electric Slaughterfish
 - Dreugh Man'o'War
 - Land dreugh

This is only the first version and it only adds the new creatures to the leveled lists. Next versions will  include (hopefully):

 - a slight rebalance of vanilla creatures and leveled lists
 - a few creatures placed by hand
 - swarming slaughterfishes
 - a new blood type (color) for dreughs and crabs
 - Armor Rating for dreughs (and maybe crabs)
 - a cephalopod creature (got to make sure this will work together well with Tamriel Rebuilt)

Also, stay tuned for the subsequent parts! Part 2- Small Predators and Part 3 - The Undead are already in the works!