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Last updated at 17:05, 11 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 17:05, 11 Mar 2014

This mod adds some variations of creatures from Bloodmoon.
  • Armored Rieklings: just Rieklings who managed to obtain some pieces of Nord armour.
  • Riekling Shaman: more advanced, can use magic. Uses staves, can have some specific loot, like Riekling amulets.
  • Riekling Raiders: first based on alternative Riekling model, unused in game (but used in some plugins, like "Bloodmoon Extras" by Felix), second - mighty Riekling warrior on oversized Bristleback. Both Raiders can be "dismounted", feature from Dismountable Rieklings by Gwathlobal.
  • Riekling Skirmishers - they throw spears like those ones in Dragonborn.
  • Riekling Warchief - remarkable specimen of Riekling race, mighty warrior, adorned with trophies of his past battles with most powerful monsters of island.
  • Wolves - there is a texture of black Bonewolf in game archive, unused in game, but with some tweaks it can be applied to Wolf and Bonewolf models.
  • Draugr - variation in armour.

Also mod adds few ingredients for Solstheim animals - Bear Claws (inspired by Skyrim), Boar Tusk (inspired by Dragonborn), Wolf Claws and Wolf Fangs.