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Survive the suicide mission after killing your entire squad. Keep playing, and import your tragedy into Mass Effect 3!

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Last Person Standing

This mod lets Shepard survive the suicide mission with fewer than two surviving squadmates. Joker will haul you into the Normandy alive, and you can go on to import the worst possible result into Mass Effect 3. You can also continue to play and complete missions after the suicide mission with no squadmates. 

Please note playing solo may be buggy. The game is programmed on the assumption that you will have two squadmates with you, and if you don't, you may see invisible squadmates interacting with props, get kicked out of conversations early when there's no one to speak an expected line, etc. 

We've addressed all the genuine softlocks we have found when playing without squadmates. If you find a bug that is game-breaking rather than hilarious, let us know and we'll try to fix it.


This mod should work for all languages.


Download the .7z file. 
Import the .7z file into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager 7.0 or higher. 
Apply the mod to the game. 
Play the game.

You can install this mod at any point during your playthrough (well, before the Suicide Mission) as long as you have not installed texture mods (using MEM - Mass Effect Modder). 


This mod may be deleted or disabled safely via ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Select your LE2 installation, and then choose "Manage Target", you will see the option to disable or delete.

Disabling and re-enabling mods is safe if you have textures installed, as long as the mods were present when you installed the textures.


This mod is built on Unofficial LE2 Patch files, except where this would create a dependency issue. Those files are handled by a traditional patch, which will be automatically applied if ULE2P is detected. Make sure it is installed first.

This mod is not compatible with the LE2 Liara Squadmate mod. The two mods conflict on some core manually edited files which are not handled by its autopatching tool. If you use them together, this mod will be overridden and you won't see its changes.

We are not aware of any other incompatibilities with current mods, but considering the number of main level files this mod edits, that's a minor miracle and is likely to change. This mod mounts low so most other mods will likely override it. As long as they do not clash on the two EndGm files or BioH_SelectGUI.pcc, you will still get the mod's basic functionality including post-game solo play. But you may lose some of the protections against softlocks when playing with less than 2 squadmates. These softlocks are: Lair of the Shadow Broker, loyalty missions (other than Thane, Samara and Kasumi), the first Hammerhead mission and attempting to change your squad while on a Hub.

Please do not take this as general advice to let mods override each other as there will often be unexpected consequences. These instructions are specific to this mod. 

With thanks to

MgamerzSirCxyrtyxHenBagle, d00telemental and Kinkojiro for development and maintenance of the toolset and mod manager.