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Kelly will offer to feed your fish when you buy some fish without having to flirt with her.

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F.I.S.H. Mod

Fight Institutional Sexual Harassment!

Fight Institutional Sexual Harassment! Your fish shouldn't suffer for your unwillingness to sleep with your secretary!

This mod will make Kelly offer to feed your fish after you've gotten some fish instead of after taking her to dinner. Dialogue has been edited and new lines added so that Shepard can accept her offer in a neutral way, and she will respond in kind. This does not prevent you romancing her later. This does not mean she'll show up in LE3 - that still requires taking her to dinner, or using F.I.S.H Mod for LE3. 

This mod can be used alongside the Fish Feeder Mod for additional marine-care options!. Kelly will only feed your fish while she is aboard the Normandy, but she will do it for free. The fish feeder will feed your pets at any time, and import into LE3, but costs a chunk of change.

Installation and Compatibility

Import the .7z file into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Apply the mod to the game. Play the game.

Manual installation is not possible, this mod relies on features provided by the mod manager.

This mod was built on Unofficial LE2 Patch files and is natively compatible.

This mod is mostly compatible Silent Kelly. The core function will work - Kelly will offer to feed your fish - but you will not get the new neutral response option. 

This mod is compatible with with Optional Flirting Mod with no patch required.

This mod is compatible with with Same Gender Romances with no patch required.

This mod is compatible with Fish Feeder Mod even though they both address a similar issue (see above).

I am not aware of any other compatibility issues.

This mod is fully functional with English audio and any subtitles. If you play in a language other than English then, as above, the core function should work, but you will not get the new neutral response option. (Please note this is untested). 

For Mod Devs

As of v1.1, the changes in this mod are all dependent on F.I.S.H. Mod for LE2 being actively installed. This means if you need to patch for this mod you can safely build on top of BioD_Nor_105CerberusCrew_LOC_INT.pcc and ship it in your main mod for patchless compatibility. If F.I.S.H. Mod is installed the changes will appear, if not the file will mimic vanilla dialogue.

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Credits and Thanks

With thanks to the ME3Tweaks devs for their work on the toolset and mod manager. Without plotsync this would have been an absolute nightmare.