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Mod that adds Liara from Lair of the Shadow Broker as a selectable squadmate and as a crewmate on the Normandy to Mass Effect 2 in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Permissions and credits
Mod that adds Liara from Lair of the Shadow Broker as a selectable squadmate to Mass Effect 2 in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Uses LotSB both as recruitment and loyalty mission and enables Liara to be selected from the squad selection screen like any other ME2 squadmate, this includes the loadout selection and power level-up screen. As this uses Liara as defined by LotSB it matches the DLC both in appearance and gameplay in terms of what loadouts and powers are available and how they function.

Liara is added as a crewmate to the Normandy after completing the Normandy date, she's interactable with a simple greeting with audio from ME3. In-game cutscenes are modded to enable Liara to appear in them but naturally, Liara won't have any voice lines other than the combat chatter recorded for LotSB (i.e. voice lines when receiving an order / call-outs).


Gameplay-wise Liara functions exactly how she does in LotSB. That includes featuring Liara in the squad menu and level-up screen when in the squad, the ability to issue commands, use abilities and select loadouts. She has the same abilities and health / barrier values as defined by the LotSB DLC.

Installation & Compatibility

Installed via ME3 Tweaks Mod Manager as DLC mod.

Note that this mod changes a lot of files, so conflicts with other mods are probable. However, the majority of files were generated by the auto_patcher tool, which can be used to apply the necessary changes to your already modded files. If a file exists in several DLC directories, it uses the DLC with the highest mount priority (not including this mod itself of course). So to apply changes to a file from a different mod, make sure to install these mods first before proceeding with auto_patcher and applying this mod. Other than that the order in which the mods are installed does not matter, except for the general rule of installing texture mods after content / DLC mods (i.e. mods containing .pcc package files).

The mod can be installed in the middle of a playthrough. However, removing the mod may cause issues with save files created during a mission with Liara in the squad, which of course will no longer work after removing the mod, leaving you with one squadmate, which might break cutscenes and dialogue. In this case you should use a save editor to add a different squadmate instead.


As mentioned above, most files were generated automatically as they require repetitive changes. The mod files include all those generated files but if you do encounter a conflict with a different mod for one of these files you may use the auto_patcher to apply the necessary changes to your already modded files as mentioned in the installation section above. The tool can be found on GitHub and the mod files include an executable compiled for windows.

Make sure to install all other content mods, then run the auto_patcher and then install this mod. Additionally, you need to re-run the tool when the LE2 game files change, either when updating the game or a mod (including this one) or when switching mods. Whenever game files handled by auto_patcher (i.e. .pcc package files from the game and content mods) may have changed, the tool should be re-ran and the mod re-applied.

Usage: Run the auto_patcher_gui.exe desktop app or open a terminal and change directory to where the auto_patcher has been installed and run `.\auto_patcher.exe -g "<game dir>" -v -d "<mod dir>"`

<game dir>: LE2 installation path, e.g. `E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Game\ME2\BioGame`
<mod dir>: the path of this mod's CookedPCConsole directory (where this mod has been extracted to, not where the DLC is installed within the game files), e.g. `C:\Users\username\Documents\ME3TweaksModManager\mods\LE2\LE2-Liara_Squadmate\DLC_MOD_LiaraSquad\CookedPCConsole`

Similarly, the desktop app offers following configuration properties:

  • LE2 Game Location: Location of the LE2 installation's BioGame directory.
  • Mod Import Location: Location of this mod's CookedPCConsole directory within the ME3Tweaks mod library.
  • Batch Count: Number of batches the relevant files are split into for concurrent execution. A higher number means higher resource (CPU /
  • Memory) usage. Defaults to number of virtual CPUs / 2 or 8 maximum.
  • Adjust Mod Mount Priority Automatically: Whether to adjust this mod's mount priority automatically to ensure it is mounted above other mods
  • where files have been patched.

Suicide Mission

Liara is available as a squadmate throughout the entire mission and has been added to all cutscenes, including the huddle scenes both on the Normany and the collector base. However, Liara cannot be selected for any specialist or fireteam leader roles and is not part of most kill logic. That means Liara has no influence on whether or not the squadmates holding the line live or die and she cannot die herself. The only instance where Liara is part of the kill logic is after destroying the human reaper where non-loyal squadmates are killed off, but since Liara is always loyal when recruited she is guaranteed to survive. The logic that determines the player ending has been adjusted to check if Liara is in the party, meaning that if Liara has been recruited only one other squadmate has to survive to not get the bad ending, since the game requires 2 players to be in the party to continue.


Game breaking issues are unlikely, but it is conceivable that there might be some cutscenes or pieces of dialogue left with special properties that aren't handled by auto_patcher and have not yet been found manually that do not behave properly for Liara (e.g. Liara not holding a weapon when she's supposed to or teleporting). If you do find an issue feel free to use the bug tracker or open an issue on GitHub. For compatibility issues use the auto_patcher and consult ME3Tweaks' logs (accessible via Help > Mod Manager Logs & Diagnostics) to detect conflicting files. The list of modded packages that aren't currently handled by auto_patcher is as follows:


Check out the GitHub page for more details.