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Adds new hairstyles, beards, complexions, scars, hair, eye, and make-up colours, and an additional skin tone to the character creator.

Permissions and credits
Additional Character Creation Options

Adds new hairstyles, beards, complexions, scars, hair, eye, and make-up colours, and an additional skin tone to the character creator. For the most part this mod restores, fixes and tweaks content already available in the game files. Third party contributions are noted below.

Hair styles
Two mohawk styles and a bald style for both male and female Shepards
ME2-era "Sarge Spike" style for male Shepards
Alternate bob cut for female Shepards
Four longer hairstyles for female Shepards, ported from Brooks, Ashley, Allers and Miranda by anotheraza

5 full beards (including a new beard texture by CatarsiSol, which is pictured in the media section)

Hair colours
Purple hair now also available for male Shepards
Pink, green and blue hair: be the anime Shepard you want to see in the world!
And ginger. Because what happened to ginger?

Skin tone
Darker skin tone added to counter the washed out effect of the game's lighting system

Two new complexions for male and female Shepards: be the old, haggard Shepard you want to see in the world!

12 scars for male Shepards
10 scars for female Shepards
Scars have been added to the complexion slider

Eye and Make-up colours
Various inhuman pinkey-purpley-orangey-yellowish shades now available for eyes.
Various lurid make-up options also added.
To be fair, BioWare did a pretty good job with these.
But have fun

Installation and compatibility

Import the .7z file into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Apply the mod to the game. Play the game.

  • This mod is compatible with the SinglePlayer Native Controller Support mod version 3.0 and higher.  Versions 2.34 and lower will require creating a GUI Compatibility Patch, which is detailed on that mod's page.
  • This mod is partially compatible with complexion texture mods. Non-scarred complexions are fully compatible. But scarred complexions will not have their normal maps amended and will not look as good as intended. A workaround would be to select a non-scarred complexion and add scars via save editing (see the Old Scars mod).
  • This mod is compatible with Hair Mods as DLC. Please note this does not affect that mod's requirement that new styles are accessed via save editing. New styles added by this mod will not appear in the Character Creator.
  • This mod is not compatible with most other mods that amend Shepard's hairstyles, facial features or character creation, notably Customizable FemShep ReplacerCullen Shepard, Long Hairstyles for Femshep, 125 Hairstyles for Femshep and MShep, etc.  
  • Additionally, this mod is not compatible with the Ashley Battlepack (although it is compatible with the Ashley Warpack, which only edits Ashley's combat appearances.)
  • This mod should be compatible with all other major mods.


Why did you merge scars with specific complexions? I want the mix-and-match system from ME1!
I would like that too! But I currently can't work out how to implement it. What I can do is create new complexions with scars included, so I distributed the existing scars between the vanilla complexions.  This allows 3 - 4 scars per base game complexion. I currently feel this is a better solution than providing every possible combination since the complexions slider is pretty crowded as is.  

But if you want to add specific scars to specific complexions - or if you are using custom complexion textures - I would suggest looking at the Old Scars mod which implements the option via save editing. 

Do the preset Sheps/my imported Shep have a darker skin tone than before?
Yes, as a result of adding the new skin tone to the start of the slider, all imported and preset Sheps now have skin one shade darker than previously. Just bump it up a step for the original look. That said, due to the lighting in ME3, you may feel the new tone better reflects their ME2 appearance.

The longer hair styles clip with my clothes and armour...?
Yes, the game isn't expecting longer hairstyles and you will get some amount of clipping with the armour and bulkier casual outfits (such as the Battle Dress Uniform's enormous shoulder pads during the prologue).  

Brooks' hairstyle is the best for casual outfits, and only clips a little with the bulkiest.  However, without a helmet, it'll clip through armour around the neck.
At the other end of the scale, Allers' style tucks neatly into armour, but will clip into every casual outfit except the thinnest (the dress or colonist outfits, for instance). Ashley and Miranda's hairstyles fall into the middle of that scale.

There are so many hair mods out there! Why didn't you add more styles?
Basically? Permissions. Many of the hair mods for ME3 were made by modders who have long since left the scene, or have been through a long chain of permissions having been ported from several other games. Sometimes, along the way, they've slid out from behind paywalls or apparently been ported without permission.  It is what it is, and I doubt (m)any people were acting in deliberate bad faith, but I'd rather not risk using unauthorised assets.

That said, there are tons of cool unique hair mods out there! So - if you're interested in learning to mod yourself - I included a tutorial if you'd like to use this mod as a basis to add extra hairstyles for your own personal use. 

...Tell me about this tutorial?

It's a tutorial to create a DLC mod from scratch and add your own hairstyles into the character creator. If you are going to add the hair to this mod, you can start on step 2 (though I would suggest reading through step 1 as it will help you understand the process).  

However, please be aware that this is an advanced process. The Mass Effect franchise never received official mod support.  All the tools available are the result of years of reverse-engineering by extremely talented fans, but this is not going to be the same experience as modding a game like Skyrim, and you should know that going in. The dev tools are not aimed at end users, and, while I will offer what advice I can time-permitting, I am a novice modder, and this is not a guarantee of tech support.  

For further advice, I would always recommend the Mass Effect Modding discord.

Credits and Thanks

for the mesh mods allowing longer NPC hairstyles to be used on custom Femshep. 

CatarsiSol for creating and allowing use of a thicker, fuller beard texture.

ThaliaGrace for advice on editing the character creator and correcting textures.

Mgamerz, KinkoJiro and SirCxyrtyx for their work in developing and maintaining the dev tools and the mod manager.