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Kelly will now show up and give your fish back as long as she survived the suicide mission.

Permissions and credits
F.I.S.H. Mod

Fight Institutional Sexual Harassment!

Fight Institutional Sexual Harassment! Your fish shouldn't suffer for your unwillingness to sleep with your secretary!

This mod ensures Kelly Chambers will appear in the refugee camp on the Citadel in ME3 and return your fish as long as she survived the Suicide Mission in ME2. Flirting with her and inviting her up to dinner is no longer required. Dialogue has been edited to reflect whether Shepard and Kelly have a platonic, flirtatious or romantic relationship. This includes some streamlining of flirtatious vs romantic not present in the vanilla game. The Prejek Paddlefish intel no longer requires an ME3 NG+ and will be unlocked provided you owned a live Prejek Paddlefish at the end of ME2.

(This mod is also available for Legendary Edition.)

Installation and Compatibility

Import the .7z file into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Apply the mod to the game. Play the game.

This mod is not compatible with BackOff. However, it is also pointless to use this mod with BackOff, which includes similar changes to Kelly as part of its wider overhaul. BackOff will safely overwrite this mod's changes with its own. 

This mod is mostly compatible with ME3Recalibrated, but will safely overwrite the changes that restore Zaeed's cut conversation. If you still want this content, you will need to specifically install the Restored Zaeed Conversation mod (see below). 

This mod is mostly compatible with the Restored Zaeed Conversation, Project Variety* and Same-Gender Romance** mods. However, both mods will safely overwrite some of this mod's changes to Kelly's ambient dialogue.  This means you may trigger a single romance-based ambient when you are not in a romantic relationship with Kelly. Other than that, all should be well.

This mod is for the English localisation of the game only. If you use this mod with other languages, Kelly should still show up for you and return your fish, but her dialogue and/or ambients will not be correctly edited to reflect romance status, nor will you receive the Prejek Paddlefish Intel Bonus on a first playthrough. The same thing will likely happen with any other mod that includes the following files: 


*Project Variety also restores the cut Zaeed Conversation, and so overrides the file containing a change to one of Kelly's ambients. Project Variety's outfit overhaul for Kelly is will work with this mod fine.

**I believe it is the Femshep/Ashley romance lock-in conversation specifically that will override some of Kelly's edited ambient dialogue, in case this information is of use.

Credits and Thanks

Lunk for dialogue editing tips
55tumbl for help with the plot editor
Jade and Gabe for help with the name
Mgamerz, KinkoJiro and SirCxyrtyx for their work in developing and maintaining the dev tools and the mod manager.